My #1 Secret to Creating Effective & Visual Presentations, FAST

My #1 Secret to Creating Effective & Visual Presentations, FAST

Take a moment to think about your process for adding visuals to your presentation. 

I'm going to guess it goes a little something like this: 

  1. You're working on your presentation text or outline,

  2. You look at your slide and the text, and think " there an image for that?",

  3. You open up your browser and search on Google for an image (which, by the way, puts you at risk for copyright law violations),

  4. You search and you search until you find the right one,

  5. Then you add it to your presentation, aaaand

  6. Repeat

Am I close? 

If so, lemme tell ya right now that you are wasting sooooooo much time with that type of workflow. 

Why? Because for many of us, I bet I actually missed a step in there. You know, that part where you had every intention of spending only a couple minutes searching for an image but then you get lost in the rabbit hole of news articles or blogs or watching You Tube videos?

C'mon. Admit it.

I'm speaking from experience. I made this mistake for years. I’d draft the notes for a slide, then go searching for an image to match it. It took me a long time to realize that this simple act of looking for one image at a time was extremely inefficient. 

Think about it. When you're in the middle of folding clothes, would it make sense to start sweeping the kitchen floor, and then go back to folding clothes?

When you're in SPSS crunching numbers, do you suddenly stop and start searching for articles for your lit review, then come back later to finish up and print your output?

That would be super inefficient, right? Why not just finish folding the clothes, or finish your analyses so you can print out your output? The same thing applies to presentations and visuals.

You will be most efficient if you approach adding visuals as a separate, standalone task, saving as many as you can all at once to use later on. 

By following that principle, I can take my entire presentation from a full draft of all bullet points/text to mostly high quality visuals in minutes. Literally.

How? It's because I created my own visual database. 

Why You Need a Visual Database

I've spent 10 years streamlining and improving my presentations, and that includes paying attention to things like my workflow.

In an earlier post, The 4 phases of a stress free presentation design workflow, I shared an idea to help you create a better workflow.

The relevant piece is that towards the end of the process (step 3) There is a specific step to "design the slides." It's a simple, small step in the workflow because this should not take very long. At least, it won't take long if you have a visual database. 

My #1 secret to creating effective and visual presentations so fast is that I have a database of visuals ready and waiting at my fingertips. 


Seriously. I have hundreds of high quality visuals (icons, stock photos, candid photos, drawings) stored on my computer, ready to be added to a presentation. 

And I teach you how to create your own in this FREE email course: 

Want to Create Your Visual Database?

If you want to learn how to make your own, I’ve made a sample course available for you to check out.


Thanks for reading!

with joy,
Dr. Echo Rivera