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Hi! I’m Echo :)

Hey there :) My name is Dr. Echo Rivera! I’m not a typical graphic designer or marketing firm: I know exactly what you need and why you need it.

How? Because I’ve been doing research or evaluation since 2006. I have a PhD in Community Psychology (which is basically a research degree in community-based participatory research). I’ve taught an undergrad class. I’ve given a lot of conference presentations. I’ve led or supported mixed methods research studies and evaluation projects. I’ve given presentations to my research team and trained new research assistants. I’ve written and presented final evaluation results to policymakers and clients.

In other words: I know you want to make an impact, but you also need to prioritize data & evidence. I know you can’t let design or stories cloud the content. Good news, my friend: You can have the best of both worlds. and I can show you how.

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