10 effective presentation tips that are total garbage and make me want to scream

What's holding you back from being an effective presenter? Bad advice.

A lot of the tips out there about how to overcome your fear of public speaking and/or become an effective presenter are GARBAGE.

So, I hope you’re in the mood for some playful snark my friends, because it’s coming FULL FORCE.  Here are the silliest effective presentation or public speaking tips I've seen.

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Wow, Echo, chill: Isn’t “garbage” a bit harsh?

Okay, okay some of them like “search your soul” or “be yourself” aren’t really that harmful. They just…won’t really help you. No one’s presentation is boring or confusing because they failed to search their soul.

Or the one about being “professional” and “respectful.” Again, that’s not harmful advice. It’s just … how common is it to experience a presenter being belligerent, insulting the audience, or ending with a dramatic mic drop before storming out of the room?

But FYI — that whole thing about filler words? Filler words are not always bad, so catch up on the latest & greatest studies. In short, overuse is bad, but when used well, filler words can actually be a good thing. 

Also, women are judged negatively no matter what we do. Personally, I don't bother trying to please everyone because it's impossible, so I probably overuse filler words. People will either think I'm stupid or intimidating either way and there isn't much I can do about it. Oh well, whatever.

How to be an effective presenter without wasting time on unhelpful advice.

These tips make me want to scream because they don’t provide practical strategies for how to become an effective presenter. 

None of those tips will ensure that you create and deliver a presentation that uses good information design, graphic design, dataviz, visuals, or storyboarding.

You know, the things that actually help you effectively present your work. 

Look. I’m not just trying to be a jerk. The thing is, I used to read tips like these and even tried to implement some of them. Then I would get discouraged because I was still terrified of public speaking or felt like my presentation still sucked. 

You don't need some surface level pep talk about how to be more ambitious and relaxed. 

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Thanks for reading!

with joy,
Dr. Echo Rivera