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What do you think about sending us an idea, report, or presentation and then having it sent back all ready to go?

We can create something that will impress your audience and deliver it to you with a smile.


Report design, custom illustrations, visual abstracts or shareable graphics, and slide design: we’ve got you covered.




Report Design

I love helping organizations take their standard (boring) report and upgrading it to be clean and modern. Don’t have a ginormous budget? Don’t let that stop you from having a lovely report!

I enjoy working on relatively smaller projects that focus on cleaning up the text design, adding a simple icon and color system, and converting outdated graphs into data visualizations.

Sure! We could always keep going from here, but these foundational design steps go a long way towards increasing the readability and impact of research & evaluation reports.

Clean, modern, and consistent design? Check.

Modern printer-ink-friendly visuals added? Check.

Engaging, easy-to-understand graphs? Cheeeeeck.

Less stress for you and a report delivered with a smile? Checkity check check.


Want this makeover for your report? Want something even fancier than that? Sweet! Let’s do it!



Visual Abstract & Shareable Graphics

What if you didn’t stop at a lovely report or visual slides? What if you used the power of social media to spread the word about your work and skillset?

Be proactive in getting your important work shared widely using the power of the interwebs. Eye-catching graphics will capture people’s attention and get them excited to read or learn about your work. Shareable graphics are fabulous for things like:

  • Showing the results of your study to get people interested (visual abstracts!),

  • Sending people to wherever your report or pub is hosted,

  • Funneling people to your research team’s website,

  • Adding visuals in a blog post about your work or presentation,

  • Encouraging people to attend your conference presentation,

  • Including as visuals to use in your presentation,

  • and more!


Want a complete dissemination package that includes shareable graphics?



Illustrations & Comics/Cartoons

We’d love to create a comic, cartoon, or illustration for you!

Do you have a complex or complicated topic that is hard to present, but you can never find the perfect visuals for it? Want a new and engaging way to tell a story about your research or evaluation project? Want to add comics to your blog posts but don’t have the time or know-how to make them yourself? Need a custom icon set for your unique topic?

We can make a custom visual, comic or cartoon for you. I coordinate everything, but you have a choice between two designers.

You can see a sample of my drawing style in my blogs and in my YouTube videos. I specialize in drawing digitally, by hand (“freestyle”) which gives the images an informal, fun, and approachable vibe.

I’ve teamed up with DARK MOUSE DESIGNS to provide additional design services. DARK MOUSE DESIGNS has a diverse design style. Using vectors, shapes, and other strategies, his designs will provide a sleek and professional look to your graphics.

Between the two of us, we can create something in your preferred style.

Designed by Echo

Designed by Echo

Made by Dark Mouse Designs

Made by Dark Mouse Designs

Designed by Echo

Designed by Echo

Made by Dark Mouse Designs

Made by Dark Mouse Designs

Ready to have your idea, teaching concept, or research visualized?


“She was…spot-on with enhancing my original vision. The final product was beautiful, yet appropriate for a scholarly audience.”

I reached out to Echo because I needed to create a model / design for my conceptual research. While I am highly tech savvy, I am not a graphic designer and do not have an “artsy” mindset. I definitely had the concept and vision in mind, even attempted at designing/drawing/building it myself. I downloaded Adobe Photoshop, did some work and it looked horrible, very sloppy and unprofessional. I was working against the clock and did not have time to invest in learning the software in the very short amount of time I had to submit the design. I felt that Echo’s prices were fair and she went above and beyond the call of duty, her turn-around time was fast and her detail in the project was meticulous. She was productive, efficient, and spot-on with enhancing my original vision. The final product was beautiful, yet appropriate for a scholarly audience. She provided many options and ways I could make my design versatile for a myriad of future scholarly projects, such as slideshows, presentations, papers, posters, etc. I will definitely be returning for future services with my creative works and also to talk with Echo for some coaching on building my dossier in the academy. Without reservation, I highly recommend Echo Rivera and CRC for all creative projects and also many other impressive and jaw-dropping professional services that she provides. Her work was better than I had anticipated and she truly saved my entire life. 

Norma R. Schropshire LMSW, Part-time faculty at Wayne State University



Slide Design

Once you learn about clean and modern slide design, it can feel like a daunting and overwhelming tasks to update your existing presentations. Luckily, we can help with that. My team will help set up your slide deck so that you can take it from there and finalize the design. We’ll declutter your presentation, apply a consistent design, and ensure you’re using animations correctly.

Here are some of the design services my team could do:

  • Convert your deck to a widescreen (if applicable).

  • Delete clutter (including clip art images and your template)

  • Provide feedback on your slide design style (i.e., typefaces/fonts and colors).

  • Apply your slide design style to each slide.

  • Increase the font sizes (for slides with fewer than 40 words).

  • Edit some of the master template basics to match your slide design style.

  • Set up simple animations throughout the presentation.

  • Cleanup and declutter your data/graphs.

Then, you complete the final slide design. After we’ve cleaned up your deck, you’ll be able to add awesome visuals and apply the presentation design strategies you’ve learned in my training courses or through my training & technical assistance sessions.

Let my team do the boring stuff (deleting clutter, changing fonts) so you can focus on the fun stuff (adding visuals, telling better stories).


Interested in getting a slide deck designed for you?

2 designers to meet your needs.

What do you get when a PhD with an interest in design and a designer with an interest in research work together?

A creative, visual communication product that perfectly meets your needs!

That’s why I’ve teamed up with DARK MOUSE DESIGNS to provide comprehensive design & visual communication services.

Together, we create the perfect blend of data-focused and design-focused approaches to create the type of creative communication product that both impresses your audience and showcases you as a unique, noteworthy professional.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:  Jason Rivera, Owner of DARK MOUSE DESIGNS, LLC; Sweet adorable friendly alpaca; Echo Rivera, Owner of CREATIVE RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, LLC; Grumpy but still adorable alpaca.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jason Rivera, Owner of DARK MOUSE DESIGNS, LLC; Sweet adorable friendly alpaca; Echo Rivera, Owner of CREATIVE RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, LLC; Grumpy but still adorable alpaca.


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