Looking for a TIME-SAVING, super-efficient strategy for creating more VISUAL presentations? 

I've got just the thing you're lookin' for.


This email course is perfect for RESEARCHERS, EVALUATORS, ACADEMICS, and NONPROFIT ADVOCATES, who are ready to level up their visual communication game, but who still need to use their time efficiently.

In just 6 days, this email course will show you a SUPER-EFFICIENT way to create effective, highly visual presentations. Each lesson is delivered straight to your inbox, and has an educational lesson and 5-15 minute action item. Plus you'll get a workbook to go along with the course!

You already know you should be using more visuals, but you probably think:

  • All the good photos cost MONEY

  • It takes a LONG TIME to find good images 

  • It's fine to SEARCH FOR IMAGES AS YOU GO ALONG, switching back and forth between the slide text & finding a picture

  • GOOGLE IMAGES is the quickest and easiest way to find photos

  • You have to be CREATIVE or a GRAPHIC DESIGNER to know how to use visuals

  • Stock photos are super CHEESY or don't work for YOUR UNIQUE research/evaluation topic, service, or lecture topic

Sound about right? Well then you're really gonna love what's comin' next >>


Super efficient workflow + hundreds of perfect visuals at your fingertips

You don't get there using Google Images or searching for visuals one at a time. 

The research & evaluation world is growing impatient with ineffective, text-heavy presentations. It's time to embrace this momentum and make a real impact with our presentations!

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You want to use visuals in your presentations so you can capture people’s ATTENTION & help them UNDERSTAND the material.

  • You'd rather spend more energy on presentations that have a greater chance to make a POSITIVE IMPACT AND PROMOTE SOCIAL EQUITY, rather than ones that will just get ignored and forgotten.

  • You want to use pictures in an ETHICAL AND LEGAL way.


  • You have a million other things to do (like writing pubs or getting tenure), so you need a SHORTCUT for adding visuals to your presentations, FAST

  • You aren't really sure WHERE to find good photos and tend to use Google the most.

My #1 secret for achieving all these, in very little time, is my VISUAL DATABASE.


#CYVD17 is a FREE 6-day email course that shows you how to CREATE YOUR OWN VISUAL DATABASE

Each day for 6 days you'll receive a new lesson + short action item in your inbox. You will learn:

  • How to SET UP your visual database
  • The 4 most common MISTAKES TO AVOID
  • WHERE, exactly, to find HIGH QUALITY (non-lame) PHOTOS and ICONS FOR FREE
  • HOW TO SEARCH strategically so you can find RELEVANT visuals

Create your Visual Database NOW so you can save yourself HOURS of wasted time TOMORROW!