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High quality (non-cheesy) stock photos for free, without using Google Images.

That’s the secret I share with you in this sample course: Create Your Visual Database.


When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to a workbook + 6 daily emails with lessons to walk you through the strategies (plus 2 bonus training videos!). In less than a week, you’ll have your first handful of great stock photos and a new way to find & use photos efficiently.


This course will show you how to find and use free stock photos so you can create more visual presentations, visual reports, and other creative communication products (like blog posts, visual abstracts, etc!)

You already know you should be using visuals in your presentations and other communication activities. What you probably didn’t know was that you can find really fabulous stock photos that aren’t cheesy…for free.

And it’s not just about helping you save some cash…I'm 99.99% sure the way you're finding & using visuals is wasting your time.

Let me show you a better way with this free sample course: Create Your Visual Database.


I created this sample course because you've internalized some myths:

>> All the good photos cost MONEY.

>> GOOGLE IMAGES is the quickest and easiest way to find photos.

>> It's fine to SEARCH FOR IMAGES AS YOU GO ALONG, switching back and forth between the slide text & finding a picture.

>> Stock photos are super CHEESY or don't work for YOUR UNIQUE topic.

>> It takes a LONG TIME to find good images.

>> You have to be CREATIVE or a GRAPHIC DESIGNER to know how to use visuals.

That's just what the stress demons want you to believe. None of it is true.


Ready to have hundreds of high quality stock photos at your fingertips? What you need is a VISUAL DATABASE…


CYVD is a FREE 6-day email course (available to Communication Café members) that shows you how to CREATE YOUR OWN VISUAL DATABASE

Each day for 6 days you'll receive a new lesson + short action item in your inbox. You will learn:

  • WHAT the heck is a Visual Database anyway, and WHY you need one (VIDEO LESSON)

  • How to SET UP your visual database (VIDEO LESSON)

  • How to AVOID the most common mistakes people make

  • WHERE to find HIGH QUALITY (non-cheesy) PHOTOS FOR FREE

  • HOW TO SEARCH strategically so you can find relevant visuals, QUICKLY


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