You're a busy woman academic, scientist, evaluator, or researcher ready to make effective presentations...but you're also short on time.

No prob, corn cob. Communication Cafe members have access to this free training on you how to make better slides in just 4 DAYS! Whaaat! 

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EVERYONE hates bad presentations.

...But you already knew that. And you already knew that you could probably be making better slides..

Your challenge is that you have a to-do list that's 3,000 items long and not enough time to do it all. 

What you didn't know (before now) was that there's a 4-day FREE crash course in presentation design that's waiting for you. 


Seriously. I made crash course in slide design just for Communication Cafe Members:



1 hour of training videos + 4 days of digestible lessons =

[INSERT YOUR NAME HERE] has awesome slides!


#C2SS is a FREE online course welcome gift to the Communication Cafe members. 

The Communication Cafe is my email list of "espresso shots" where I deliver (short) helpful or entertaining emails about effective & creative communication--all tailored to women academics, scientists, researchers, and evaluators. Cafe emails include invitations to participate in my free workshops or bootcamps/retreats; access to free online courses or other resources; behind-the-scenes info about my new comics, blogs or YouTube videos; and invitations to participate in paid professional development opportunities. 

Oh, and yes: it's totally FREE to join the Communication Cafe! 

#C2SS shows women academics, scientists, evaluators, and researchers how to create better presentations.

Each day for 4 days you'll receive a new lesson in your inbox and training videos in my online school. You will learn:

  • What to STOP WASTING YOUR TIME on when working on your slides 
  • INEFFECTIVE PRESENTATION PREVENTION: The #1 thing to keep out of your presentations
  • The problem with SLIDE TEMPLATES, and how to create your own unique style 
  • TECH TRAINING on how to edit the MASTER SLIDES (and apply your new style to existing slide decks) 
  • How to score HIGH ON BATTS, so you don't do the #1 pet peeve of everyone, everywhere
  • Inspiration for how to make compelling slides, even if they're ALL (OR MOSTLY) TEXT!

#C2SS includes 11 SHORT VIDEO LESSONS + handy worksheets.

That's about 1 hour of video training, broken up into 4 days so you can take small actions each day.  


After your training is complete, don't worry: I won't leave you hanging. You'll also learn about how to continue your training and take your slides to the next level!


I created this FREE email course because you've internalized some myths:

>> SLIDE TEMPLATES are good design. 

>> *MY* AUDIENCE doesn't want/need/care about effective, visual presentations.

>> It takes TOO MUCH TIME to create well-designed, visual presentations. 

>> I can learn effective strategies by WATCHING OTHERS PRESENT

>> It's PROFESSIONAL to have text-heavy presentations.

*laughs confidently* That's just what the stress demons want you to believe. None of it is true.



You don't get there with templates, tons of poorly designed text, or outdated design principles. Let me train you on the better way with a few emails and about 1 hour of training videos. 

No more excuses. This is my official war against  #DeathByPowerPoint. Join my army*

* of good design, not violence. I actually don't support war and should probably find a better the meantime:


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It's totally FREE to join the Communication Cafe!