You're a busy woman/non-binary academic, or scientist ready to make effective presentations...but you aren't sure where to start. 

No prob, corn cob. I've got you covered with a SPECIAL TRAINING EVENT starting August 13th 2018 (replays will be available). 

It's called #StellarSlidesin5 and it's the first time I'm hosting this special event. I probably won't do this again for at least 6 months, so you don't want to miss it! 


I know you came here looking for Countdown to Stellar Slides, but that course is temporarily closed because #StellarSlidesin5 is EVEN BETTER and it's happening now (or you can access that replay now)!

Here, watch my quick video invitation. I'm wearing a cute pin! >>

Ready to sign up? Here's the form. Or, keep reading for more details >>


"Ugh. Another boring webinar?"

NOPE. Not my webinars. And, pretty soon, not YOUR webinars either (or any presentations you give). 

I'm Dr. Echo Rivera and I train women/non-binary folks how to storyboard & design presentations that make an impact...

... Presentations that don't overwhelm (or bore) your students.

... Presentations that grab the attention of your colleagues & peers and leave them with a lasting, positive impression of you as a professional. 

I'm a researcher, like you, and I'm trying to end the #DeathByPowerpoint that we've all grown used to. 

Welcome to #StellarSlidesin5. Here's what people just like you (academics, evaluators, scientists) have said about my FREE training >> 


Want that kind of feedback on YOUR presentations? 

Of course you do! So hurry up and save your seat for #StellarSlidesin5: 5 days of FREE live presentation design training!

#StellarSlidesin5 is available to Communication Café members only. But don't worry, it's totally free to join!


4 days of 30-min BROWNBAG TRAININGS @10:30am Mountain Time

Reference: 9:30am Pacific / 10:30am Mountain / 11:30am Central / 12:30pm Eastern

[1] MON 8/13: What EVEN IS "effective presenting"? 

[2] TUES 8/14: What you ACTUALLY need to design compelling presentations that inspire and "wow" your audience.

[3] WED 8/15: LIES you've been told about effective presenting in an academic/scientific/educational context

[4] THURS 8/16: The most common MISTAKES that set you up to fail (booo!)

Then a FULL WEBINAR TRAINING (1-1.5 hours, depending on Q&A) @ 10:30am Mountain Time

[5] FRI 8/10: Quick Start Presentation Design Strategies that Grad Students Through PhDs Can Implement TODAY!

Plus, the end of this webinar will include details about my online professional development course, Blast Off to Stellar Slides and information about early bird pricing and a special swag bag offer! SWEET!

Yes! Replays will be available for all of them--but only if you sign up!

#StellarSlidesin5 will show you everything you need to get started on more effective presentations, so we can end #DeathByPowerpoint! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I reserve my seat?
A: Free training webinars are only available to members of the Communication Café--my FREE email list! Enter your email address in this form to get the links when I send them out!

Q: Will there be a replay?
A: Yes! There will be a temporary replay, but only if you register! 

Q. Where will the videos take place? 
A: All training videos will happen over Zoom (it's kind of like WebEx or GoToWebinar). 

Q. Is it free? 
A: Yuppers! This entire series is totally free! 

Q. LOL say whaaaaat, why is it free? 
A: Because we need to end #DeathByPowerpoint together! Plus, I hope that you love my FREE training so much, you'll be interested in seeing what my paid training is like...and on Friday, enrollment begins for my online professional development course: Blast Off to Stellar Slides!

Q. What should I do to prepare after I sign up? 
A: Nothing, just come with an open mind and an excitement to learn new things. And be sure to spread the word! Tell your colleagues & peers about this awesome FREE training opportunity! Send this the link to this page or send them to the Facebook Event page.