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My services and resources are tailored to women academics, scientists, evaluators, and researchers who want to make a positive social impact with their work.

I'm ready to help you leverage your strengths, develop new skills, and achieve your presentation & communication goals!

My presentation training, mentoring, and design services are described below. Want a PDF of my services (and a little background info about me)? Sweet! Pop in your email below, and I'll send that to you right away:


I'm not kidding when I say, "I can't wait to make you an awesome presenter." That is literally what I'm here for. Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, a physical scientist or social scientist, love public speaking or public speaking makes you wanna puke, grad student on a budget or professional who can invest in their development ... I have an option that will work for you. Work with me in a non-judgmental/non-shaming setting, where we start with your strengths and approach your training from a skills development perspective.

My services are categorized based on your learning goals and preferred formats. Click on the button below to be taken to the section that sounds most like what you're looking for >>

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DIY (do it yourself) options


You're highly motivated and able to take a bit of information and run with it. You don't need external accountability to get things done. You like the idea of taking self-paced online courses or participating in a brief workshop, then going off on your own to do The Work.

If that sounds like you, then my training services will set you up for DIY success. Email me at!


Self-Paced Online Courses


Have a group of 5+? Group discounts on online courses are available! Have a specific list of skills you want to learn, just ask which training covers those skills! 

The Stellar Training Pack


My Stellar Training Pack includes 2 webinar replays, a special slide design style, a starter kit, and 2 free mini-courses. With this course, you will:

  1. Learn why default slide templates are The Worst and how to create your own unique slide design
  2. Get a special slide design style you can use to get started right away
  3. Learn dataviz design basics! A universal 4-step process to design + present your data 
  4. Know my top 10 effective presentation tips
  5. Get guidance on how much text should be on your slides
  6. Learn some basic information design strategies 
  7. Efficiency strategies to cut down the time you spend searching for visuals 

Stellar Slides by Sunday (S3) 


Stellar Slides by Sunday (S3) is a hyperspeed online course that shows you THE FASTEST way to design/re-design your presentation using the EASIEST effective design principles. This course is for you if you don't have the time, energy, or cashflow to invest in developing a comprehensive set of presentation skills, but you still want modern, well-designed, effective slides. Whoa. Did I basically just say it's like having your cake and eating it, too? I think I just did!  

With a few SHORT videos, TECH training (i.e., how to actually do these things in PowerPoint), and some BONUS lessons (because I can't help myself), you'll have everything you need to do a presentation design in just a few hours and get on with your life. 

Blast Off to Stellar Slides (BOSS) 


Storyboard, design, and deliver your presentations like a BOSS -- that's what you'll learn how to do in this online course. This is the course to take when you're ready to invest in your presentation design skills because you're highly motivated to make an impact with your work and gain a reputation for being an engaging, effective presenter. BOSS is the comprehensive, holistic professional development training you need to storyboard presentations in ways that engage and captivate your audience.

Have a question about my online courses or want a group discount? Let's chat >> 

Email me at or message me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta, or FB

Online Workshops (Webinars)


If you'd like me to train your lab/research team, organization, or group then online workshops are a great option! My online workshops are typically about 1 hour (Up to 1.5 hours, depending on how chatty folks are). I have 3 workshops that I've tested and received rave reviews about (as in, "my slides already look better and it's only been, like, a day" type of reviews). I strongly recommend we go in order if the audience has not received formal presentation design training yet.

placeit (9).png
placeit (10).png

[Step 1] Detox from Defaults: Overcome Your Reliance on Slide Templates


Default slide templates and slide clutter will hold you back from creating effective, engaging presentations. All your perfect visuals or dataviz will lose their impact if they're shown with a template or bogged down with clutter. In this workshop, I explain why that is (so you gain a foundation in effective presentation design and communication), and exactly what to create/use instead of a default template. 

This workshop covers:

  • When effective slide design matters
  • Your #1 enemy to giving effective presentations 
  • How default templates "feed" that enemy 
  • Exactly what you need to create your own, unique slide design style (instead of using a template)

[Step 2] Quick Start Text + Graphic Design (Visual) Strategies

placeit (9).png

Once you understand the principles of effective presentation design and communication, and have weaned yourself off default slide templates, you're ready to learn how to apply core information design strategies and how to find and use visuals effectively so that you resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impact.

This workshop covers:

  • How to choose what information and how much text to keep on your slides
  • Top essential information/text design strategies (including how to stop using bullet points)
  • Where to find effective visuals that will resonate with your audience
  • How to use/place visuals effectively 
  • Self-check strategies to know if your slide design will be effective  

[Step 3] Dataviz Design Basics

placeit (10).png

Now that you have clean, modern, uncluttered slides and know how to use text and visuals effectively, your data can take center stage. In this workshop, I show you my easy 4-step universal dataviz design strategies.

This workshop covers:

  • How effective data visualization fits into an effective communication framework 
  • The universal 4-step dataviz design process to help you present your data: (1) declutter/de-emphasize; (2) organize; (3) explain; and (4) entertain.
  • Includes examples and makeovers of a pie chart, clustered horizontal bar graph, and line graph. 

Interested in my online workshops? Let's get in touch! 

Pricing....... $1,000.00 USD each or $2,500.00 USD for all 3 (will be delivered across 3 sessions)

Email me at or message me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta, or FB

psst... I recommend my online workshops for groups larger than 20(ish) because Stellar Slides by Sunday + the Stellar Training Pack covers all this info (and more). Plus, if your group is 5-20 people then you would also get a group discount for the online courses, so it would be less than $124/person. Oh, and you get lifetime access so you can re-watch the videos whenever you want. Seriously, friend, my online courses are packed with wild amounts of value. Check'm out. 

In-Person Workshops


In-person workshops are typically 2-3 hours, but this can be customized to fit your needs. They tend to include steps 1 and 2 or steps 2 and 3 (described in the Online Workshops section), but we'll chat about the contents first. My workshops are designed to help the audience know what to do and how to think about/approach their slides. They typically do not require the audience to have computers or include technical training in PowerPoint (because everyone comes in at a different technical level anyway).

My workshops are interactive, and include my favorite goofy jokes to keep it fun and entertaining. I prefer to keep attendance at about 50-100 to encourage meaningful participation and to answer audience questions.

Price depends on location, audience size, printing, audience type, and whether you would like custom material (e.g., for me to do a makeover of one of your slides/dataviz).

Pricing....... Starting at $2,500 + travel (if within 100 miles of Denver, CO).

Pricing....... Starting at $5,000.00 + travel (if beyond 100 miles of Denver, CO; Not available in all areas)

Interested in one of my in-person workshops? Let's chat! 

Email me at or message me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta, or FB


DIWM (do it with me) options


You're highly motivated to develop and hone your presentation skills. You like the idea of having external accountability and being able to talk through your unique topic, audience, and design ideas. You want some tailored recommendations, feedback, and training, as well as support to achieve your presentation goals.

If that sounds like you, then my mentoring services will help you meet your unique, individualized presentation goals. Email me at!


Slide Design Reviews + Tailored Recommendations


This option is perfect for you if you're looking for a combination of my DIY and DIWM services. I'll do a super-thorough review of your entire presentation, and provide you with tailored recommendations for how to improve it. 

Written Feedback

I will recommend specific design strategies for you to implement, along with some guidance on which ones should be the priority vs. which ones could wait if you're short on time (or just don't want to do everything). This option includes a written list of which design strategies to implement overall/across your entire presentation

Pricing....... $50 for a 7-10 day turnaround // $100 for 6 days or fewer turnaround

Video Feedback

I will recommend specific design strategies for you to implement, along with some guidance on which ones should be the priority vs. which ones could wait if you're short on time (or just don't want to do them). This option includes a 20-30 minute video (delivered via dropbox link) and written list of which design strategies to implement overall/across your entire presentation. In addition, in the video I will choose a few slides to give specific feedback about and/or do a mini-demonstration/example of how to implement the recommendation/s

Pricing....... $100 for a 7-10 day turnaround // $150 for 6 days or fewer turnaround

Interested in getting a slide design review? Send me a quick email with your timeline >>

Email me at or message me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta, or FB

1:1 Mentoring & Individualized Training

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 1.46.31 PM.png

This option is perfect for you if you're looking for strengths-based customized training, support, and guidance. Even the best online courses and workshops/webinars are somewhat broad by necessity. At some point, you will likely need some advice, training, and help for your unique presentation, topic, and audience. 

We will work on whatever presentation design and dataviz needs you have, from storyboarding to design to animations, and everything in between! I won't hold anything back. If you have a question, I'll answer it. If you want to learn how to do something, I'll teach you. 

Here are just some examples of what you could learn to do:

  • Storyboarding/storytelling in an academic/scientific/evaluation context
  • Presenting data effectively, without overwhelming your audience with data
  • How to frame info so it resonates (here's where my psych training especially comes in handy!)
  • Practice sessions & help overcoming your anxiety/fear of public speaking
  • Support and compassion after a difficult presentation; post-presentation audits/reviews
  • Decluttering and designing your own slide style
  • Effective information & text design
  • Finding, using, and creating your own visuals (e.g., photos, gifs, memes, icons, models, illustrations)
  • Building custom, advanced animations
  • Tech training for slide software and related
  • Creating custom handouts and an effective presentation package

Pricing....... $150 for (1) 60-minute live session (includes pre-session prep & a post-session summary)

Pricing....... $400 for (3) sessions + free pass to my Stellar Training Pack

Interested in some mentoring? Let's chat!

Want to learn more about my mentoring services? I can answer your questions online, or we can set up a 20 minute chat (totally free, no strings attached) so we can get to know each other, talk about your goals, and see if it's a good fit. 

Email me at or message me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta, or FB


DFY (done for you) options


You're highly motivated to present visual and compelling presentations....buuuuut don't really want (or have the time) to develop the skills to actually do it. You like the idea of sending me a presentation or idea, working on something else (like a pub), and then getting a customized animation, comic, illustration, or video sent back to you with a shiny bow.

If that sounds like you, then my design and video services will be of interest to you. Email me at!


(Starter) Slide Design Services


People are often surprised to learn that I do not offer comprehensive slide design services. Why? I've learned over the years that our presentations are extensions of ourselves, and the most engaging ones reflect our own personality and style. When I try to remove text from your slides, add visuals, and create animation builds, I'm doing that based on how *my* mind and personality works. I'm doing that based on my sense of humor and presentation style. Ultimately, it ends up up feeling like a glove that's one size too big...meaning, it wouldn't actually be custom to you (but that's why I offer mentoring services, so we can work together to create that awesome, custom presentation of your dreams).


1. Send us your slides & style guide...


2. We clean'm up & add simple animations...


3. *You* add visuals & make final tweaks!


What I offer, instead, is what I call starter slide design services. My team will help set up your slide deck design so that you can take it from there and reduce more text; add your own visuals, shapes, icons; and create advanced animations. Specifically, my team will go in and: 

  • Remove the template
  • Delete clutter (including clip art images) 
  • Provide feedback on your slide design style (i.e., typefaces/fonts and colors)
  • Apply your slide design style to each slide and a minimum font size of 30 to the presentation (only guaranteed for slides with fewer than 40 words)
  • Edit some of the master template basics to match your slide design style
  • Set up simple animations (i.e., appear and fade/dissolve) throughout the presentation 

Available for: PowerPoint, Keynote, Impact (Windows/Mac/Linux desktop versions). Services not available for iOs/cloud-based ppt or keynote, Prezi, Google Slides, Canva, or other applications.  

Pricing....... Starting at $100/hour (for non-profit, one-time use presentations).

Interested in getting a starter slide deck designed for you?

Email me at or message me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta, or FB

Custom Illustrations, Animations & Videos


If you've struggled to find the perfect visual, and really want to impress your audience, then I would LOVE to create illustrations, advanced animations, videos, or other creative elements for you to use. Oooh, yes that would be a lot of fun! I can even help you create an illustration/visual that will work on multiple platforms: See your illustrations and models jump off the slide, and into blog posts, YouTube videos, or floating around social media. 


Here are just some ideas for what I could make for you:

  • Comics and other illustrations (I designed all illustrations/comics on my website)
  • Video abstracts, voiceovers, or slide-based explainer videos
  • Gifs and/or advanced animation builds 
  • Video post-production (e.g., editing, noise reduction, text layovers, intros)

Pricing....... Starting at $100/hour (for non-profit, one-time use).

Interested in my custom design services?

Email me at or message me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta, or FB