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Quick Start Presentation Design Strategies You Can Implement TODAY!

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I don’t have to tell you that it’s hard to get your audience to pay attention and remember what you say.

You already know that.


What you need to know is HOW to design your presentations to OVERCOME that challenge. 💪


Introducing…Quick Start Presentation Design Strategies You Can Implement TODAY!

This is a 1-hour online training workshop that will get you started with creating more effective and engaging presentations.


The workshop is about 45 minutes + a Q&A session.

  1. When slide design actually matters.

  2. Your #1 enemy to giving effective presentations.

  3. How slide templates (even some custom templates)"feed" that enemy.

  4. What to do instead of using templates.

  5. The top 3 information design strategies to improve any slide design.

  6. A Q&A session


There will be a 72-hour replay of this session for those who can’t make it live. You must register to get the link.

BUT you should really come live if you can because this is not your standard webinar.

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About Your Trainer

I’m Dr. Echo Rivera, and for the last decade I’ve researched & tested evidence-based strategies that improve slide presentations for professional audiences. Plus, my degree is in psychology, which comes in handy when trying to create something that hooks your audience, keeps them focused on you, and is memorable.


This training workshop is for anyone who delivers slide-based presentations to adults (in-person or via webinar/video) for the purposes of sharing research, data, technical, or educational information. At Creative Research Communications LLC our passion is helping such folks communicate their work more effectively and creatively.

See you at the workshop on effective presentation design!