Hello, Wisconsin Department of Health Services!

Please use this page to register for the upcoming webinar training series about how to create EFFECTIVE AND ENGAGING PRESENTATIONS.



IMPORTANT: you will receive an email asking you to CONFIRM your registration. Make sure you click the button to confirm.


[STEP 1] Effective presentation foundations: How to set yourself up for success for any presentation

  • Mon 10/14 @ 1-2:30 PM Central

[STEP 2] Resonate with your audience: How to choose the right amount of text per slide and use visuals to make a lasting impact

  • Mon 10/21 @ 12-1:30 PM Central

[STEP 3] Tell your unique data story: My 4-step universal framework for presenting your data effectively

  • Thurs 10/31 @ 12-1:30 PM Central

Replays will be available FOR THOSE WHO REGISTER!


ABOUT THE WORKSHOP & WHAT’S INCLUDED (Hint: it’s more than webinars!)

Captivate with Stellar Slides! will teach you how to apply a data-centered design approach to slide presentations. In this workshop, data/information are the priority, but you'll learn how to use evidence-based design strategies to ensure that your data/information is shared in engaging, understandable, and effective ways--yes, even for qualitative or quantitative (or mixed methods) data!

 You will learn not just how to have well-designed data visualizations, but also how to have a slideshow that is engaging & effective from the first slide to the last. 

This workshop will be tailored to the unique needs and interests of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Plus, Dr. Echo Rivera (the trainer) will be doing customized before/after slide makeovers during the workshop of slides that staff have already sent!

 Plus, by registering for the workshop you will receive 12-months access to the Creative Research Communications Institute (CRCI) which includes 10 bonus resources and trainings (including one training that will save you hours of time when designing your slides). See the attached PDF for details. 

 This training is designed for grad students and faculty who use slide presentations to educate, inform, or train adults, including peers, colleagues, professionals in other fields, community members, and policymakers. These strategies are especially helpful for those who share technical, complex, complicated, or difficult information.

 You will learn effective presentation skills applicable to: community presentations and outreach, webinars, training workshops, conference presentations, keynote presentations, funding/grant proposal presentations, research/evaluation presentations, research team meeting presentations, and similar slide-based presentations!

Sign up for this workshop if you have: 

  • Ever wanted to make your slides more engaging, but didn't know how or where to start, or

  • Tried to make your presentations more visual and/or engaging, but didn't love the outcome, felt like it took too much time, were overwhelmed, or

  • Already made some improvements on your presentation design, but still want to improve in this area and learn the most up-to-date strategies.