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Want to get on a live video call with me for a customized assessment & action plan to take your presentation from boring to BRILLIANT!


Let’s be honest.

Even genius can be buried under boring presentations and awkward delivery.



Being an expert isn’t enough.

You’ve heard before that the “data speaks for itself.

Wrong. 😢

Tell that to a yawning audience who can’t focus on what you’re trying to share. If you’ve ever given a presentation and felt you were losing the room, you know how that feels.

☑️ True, more visuals and less text will help you be a better presenter.

BUT it’s more than that. You need the right amount and type of content for your specific audience. You need to break down your quant or qual data in comprehensible ways.

That’s what I’ll teach you in our time together.

This isn’t about a “pretty slide deck.” It’s a METHODOLOGY. A customized approach to your content and audience.


Don’t throw money at templates. Don’t bother finding someone to design your slides for you. Don’t waste time learning Prezi.


What you should be paying for (and what you get with me), is a methodology to follow that gives you the skills & confidence you need to make ANY presentation clear, compelling, and captivating.


Whoa. Now we’re getting deep. That’s because learning to present with confidence is priceless.


And I DON’T just mean confidence in your overall public speaking ability or powerpoint skills.

Your highly visual, highly captivating presentation can be the strongest communicator in the room. Even if you’re nervous, you could come across as a seasoned presenter who can command a room.

Because when you shift the energy of your slides, you can shift the energy of your audience.

I mean feeling CONFIDENT your audience is going to LOVE your presentation, pay attention from start to finish, understand what you’re saying, and be (as likely as possible) to use the information later on.


If you’re like most folks, then chances are you don’t know what that feels like… YET.

And by working with me you’ll be CONFIDENT in your own ability to:

  • Chose the perfect amount of information for your presentation.

  • Explain your material at the right level of detail for your audience.

  • Have the perfect amount of (beautifully designed) text on your slides, so it NEVER feels like a wall of text.

  • Designed & broke down your graphs in a way that you know your audience will grasp.

  • Used visuals in a way that will help your audience connect with and remember your material.

  • Used animations like a boss, and not in a way that will just annoy or exhaust everyone.

Are you ready to gain that 👆 level of confidence in your visual communication skills?

If so, then book your session with me right now 👇


Your presentation should reflect your professionalism AND the importance of your work.

With over 14 years of experience in creating compelling presentations that educate and capture the imagination for a range of audiences and topics, you can be confident that my framework will help you present more effectively.

I have helped hundreds of academics, scientists, service providers, or evaluators learn how to become better visual communicators.

I have a PhD—I’m not just a graphic designer. That means I understand your need to balance design and data. My framework is evidence-based, and founded on pedagogical principles and solid information design.


Ready to fix your presentation problems?

Book your 30-minute Visual Communication Framework Assessment with me now.

You’ll leave with notes on what to improve so you can start to fix what’s not working. I’ll assess your presentation on every level of my unique framework, so you’ll know exactly which areas are getting in the way of your making a positive impact.

My hope is that, after our call, you’ll want to continue working with me and invest in your professional development. At the very end of the call, we’ll spend a few minutes talking about the professional development options I most recommend for you.

But hey, if not — if it doesn’t feel like a perfect fitthen you’ll still walk away with a completed assessment, and you’ll still know exactly what areas to improve in your presentation.

When is the last time someone spent this much time investing in YOU to become a better visual communicator? Stop trying to figure out effective presenting on your own. You deserve to get a push in the right direction!