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Let’s get together in real time to create something that will impress & resonate with your audience.


Let’s get together in real time to create something that will impress & resonate with your audience. Each session is 60-minutes, includes a temporary replay, and you can book multiple sessions at a time.


Slide-based Presentations

Slide-based presentations are my speciality, and I can help with you any part of that process: the storyboarding/framing/messaging, the design, and delivery.

I've already helped folks learn how to:

  • Find free photos that work their topic (and can be used again & again).

  • My best, secret PowerPoint or Keynote hacks.

  • Different strategies to emphasize and highlight parts of the slide one at a time.

  • Using shapes and other non-photo visuals effectively (like icons, etc).

  • Fix the distorted images in their presentation.

  • Modernize their slide deck and identify pieces that are "clip art" or outdated.

  • Create a recording of their presentation.

  • Set up animations that help the audience and don't confuse or annoy people.

  • Do video editing of their presentation recording to eliminate mistakes.

Here are some examples of what you could learn during our session:

  • Storyboarding/storytelling in an academic/scientific/evaluation context.

  • Presenting data effectively, without overwhelming your audience with data.

  • How to frame your message so it resonates (here's where my psych training really helps!).

  • Designing your own slide style: Finding the colors and fonts that work for you.

  • How to make all-text slides beautiful, even without visuals.

  • Creating your own visual when you can’t find the perfect one!

  • Building custom, advanced animations that feel like a movie inside your presentation.

  • Creating custom handouts and an effective presentation package.

  • Post-presentation audits/reviews: What went wrong and how to prevent that in the future.

  • Record your presentations to post online.

  • Tech training for anything related to presentations in PowerPoint, Keynote, Impress, or Google Slides.

  • and more!


Reports & One-pagers

I can help you create a report that is modern, clean, and engaging. This is perfect for folks who want to use Microsoft Word and want to post their reports on their website, or submit final reports to their clients, colleagues, or funders.

Here are just some examples of what you could learn to do:

Create a simple (yet effective) "style" or brand for your report/s (e.g., the fonts and colors).

  • Translate your organization’s branding guidelines into a report design style.

  • Set up and apply heading styles so your design is consistent. 

  • Set up heading styles to generate a TOC automatically (including the page numbers!). 

  • How to make your links accessibility-friendly. 

  • How to make other aspects of your report accessibility-friendly (e.g., adding the “alt text”)

  • Find, use, and change the color of icons to add simple visuals to your reports. 

  • How to format your graphs so they follow dataviz design principles.

  • Use images correctly, without distortion and by cropping to use the best part of an image. 

  • Easy image editing in Word.

  • and more!


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“Yes, I learned several critical skills to create effective presentations, but what means even more to me than tangible skills is the confidence I gained as a presenter!”

I am an undergrad of the mid 90’s who stumbled into the world of Powerpoint without any formal instruction. I spent my career as a diabetes educator inheriting mediocre slides from predecessors and colleagues while convincing myself that my slides were “fine” and my good oral presentation skills would just make up for my not-so-stellar visuals. Fast forward to my PhD program…I started giving research presentations and teaching courses…and this is when I started to feel that my lack of effective and engaging visuals was affecting my confidence as a presenter and teacher. Instead of taking action, I quickly brushed those feelings aside with excuses…”too busy”, “too much work”,”too hard to learn”, etc. It took landing my first academic interview and job talk to really get honest with myself and admit that I needed help…and fast! Enter…Echo Rivera! I can’t begin to describe how relieved I was to discover Echo and tap into her services to coach me through my job talk presentation. I am now a proud graduate of several of Echo’s programs as well as her 1:1 private coaching. Yes, I learned several critical skills to create effective presentations, but what means even more to me than tangible skills is the confidence I gained as a presenter! And…I got the job!

Amy Morel L’Horset, University Lecturer

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