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Announce your conference presentation, report, or publication with a shareable graphic.


Use the power of social media to spread the word about your CONFERENCE presentation, REPORT, PUBLICATION, or other NEWSWORTHY item.


Shareable Graphic

Promote your conference presentation, spread the word about your new report or pub, or new blog post/video.

Be proactive in getting your important work shared widely using the power of the interwebs. Eye-catching graphics will capture people’s attention and get them excited to read or learn about your work. Shareable graphics are fabulous for things like:

  • Encouraging people to attend your conference presentation,

  • Sending people to wherever your report or pub is hosted,

  • Letting people know about your new blog, video, or other piece of web content.


You will receive a JPG and PNG of your graphic. The images on the right show you some examples of what is included in a simple shareable graphic >>


  • 1 photo, 1 icon, or 1 very simple data visualization (like a pie chart, one percentage).

  • The title and speakers/authors.

  • One attention-grabbing key point or feature.

  • Affiliation or logo, link, and/or the day and time of the presentation.

  • One revision.


What size do you need? Wide (e.g., great for Twitter) or Square (e.g., ideal for Insta). If you need both (same content on each, just resized), that’s an option too!

  • 1 wide OR 1 square size for $50

  • 1 wide AND 1 square for $75

Note: The square size is 1080 x 1080 pixels (Instagram’s guidelines). The wide size is 1024 x 512 pixels (Twitter’s guidelines). These will still work just fine in LinkedIn and Facebook, but might not be fully expanded in the news feed.


IMPORTANT: All finalized materials needed to make your graphic must be submitted within 14 days of purchase. These include: All the text, photos, logos, links, and other information you want on the graphic.

Please allow for 7 business days to complete your graphic.

What size or sizes do you want?
Some mock ups I made to give you some inspiration

Some mock ups I made to give you some inspiration

A graphic I made to promote our #scicomm workshop at ASLO 2019!

A graphic I made to promote our #scicomm workshop at ASLO 2019!

Want something with more detail, like a visual abstract? Want it to be a movie/gif instead of a static image?