For women are early career researchers and evaluators

“Hey Echo, I have a quick question for you…”

“Where can I find great photos or icons?”

“How many slides should I have for this presentation?”

“What do you think of the level of detail in this presentation?

“I’d like your feedback on this presentation/report/etc.”


Chances are you’re at this page because you’ve asked me a “quick question.”

It’s a common enough occurrence that it was worth writing a web page about it (just letting you know that you aren’t alone!).

I work with academics, evaluators, researchers, and scientists and I know from experience (after being a researcher/evaluator for over a decade) that it’s common practice to ask others in the field “quick questions” about resources, getting feedback, etc. It makes sense because just about everyone is paid a stable hourly wage (or are salaried) which means they’re (usually) getting paid to answer those “quick questions.”

Not me.

This is not a side hustle that I’m running while also working somewhere else. My partner doesn’t have a high-paying job that supports us (He actually helps run things here). This is the sole source of my family’s income.

That means every single minute I spend answering “quick questions” is unpaid labor.

And I already do a TON of unpaid labor to provide the community with a TON of value. I have weekly emails with free tech tips, plus free online courses, and my blog/youtube video all contain free information.

So, I’ve already allotted my “unpaid labor” time to provide those things for the community.

That’s why I cannot provide answers to “quick questions” for free.

Maybe it’s weird I’m being so upfront about money, because a lot of people aren’t comfortable with that. But, the people I work with often don’t know this and find this to be educational (maybe you work with other self-employed folks and they didn’t even mention it before!). And hey, maybe one day we’ll have Universal Basic Income and then I can provide a lot more for free (I’d love to!). Until then, I have a family to support which means I need to charge for my valuable services, which includes answering “quick questions.”


Find Your Answer…

1 // Search the blog (free)

I have written tons of blog posts. To search for a specific topic, use the search function located at the top right of the site.

2 // Watch the videos (free)

Binge-watch my training videos on YouTube to see if I’ve covered the answer there.

3 // Get weekly tech tips (free)

4 // Enroll in #StellarSlidesin5 (free)

#StellarSlidesin5 is a couple hours of video training on the 5 steps to creating better presentations.

5 // Enroll in Creative Your Visual Database (free)

Need some help finding free stock photos in a more efficient way? I share some tips in this free course.

6 // Enroll in one of my courses ($297+)

I have a 4-hour self-paced crash course and an 8-week group mentoring program.

7 // Schedule a 1:1 video session ($97+)

If you’d like tailored feedback, training, or technical assistance, please book a session.

8 // Hire me to train your entire team (depends on group size)

I train departments, teams, organizations, and groups! Each training includes open Q&A sessions and custom before/after makeovers of your slides. If you’d like me to train your team, contact me for a quote.

9 // Commission me to design your slides, reports, or other creative works.

This might not technically address your question, but it’s still an option to consider if you want engaging and effective slides that have been professionally designed. I also do report design, custom illustrations (e.g., scientific or theoretical models), data visualizations, comics/cartoons, and more. Contact me for a quote.

I would LOVE to help you out and work with you!

I hope to see your name pop up on my calendar for a 1:1 session, see your name pop up as a student in my course, or get an email from you about getting a quote.

If not, that’s okay too.

In that case, while I’m here…if you’ve found my free resources valuable so far then please consider a small donation to my ko-fi account. Every little bit helps — yes, even $3 is awesome and makes my day! Donations help me continue to provide free value to the community.