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Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Dr. Echo Rivera & I'm invested in the quality of presentations delivered by scientists, researchers, and academics across the world.

I've been doing research and evaluation for 12 years now, and I spent even more years as a student. As an undergrad and grad student, I grew frustrated with text-heavy, boring presentations. I craved better stories, and better slides. I noticed a need for more fun, engagement, and design within academia. Frankly, I was bored to tears.

Turns out, I wasn't alone. #DeathByPowerpoint is a common phrase, cried across the globe. I refused to accept it any longer, because too much important research was being dismissed or misused. How are we supposed to reverse climate change, clean our oceans, end institutionalized oppression, use clean energy, end violence and poverty, and promote a healthy and happy Earth if no one listens to us? To me, it's all connected, and it's urgent that we work together to get our work heard, understood, and used for positive social change. All academics, scientists, evaluators, and researchers deliver slide-based presentations, so it seemed like a great place to start.

I'm doing my small part by training and mentoring others on how to create effective, compelling presentations. I'm here to leverage my research/evaluation background and PhD in Community Psychology to help you understand how to tell data-based stories that will resonate and increase the likelihood that your audience will actually understand, remember, and use your information.

Join me in the peaceful protest against #DeathByPowerpoint: I can't wait to make you an awesome presenter!

with joy,