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Looking for a place where academics, scientists, and evaluators can get the training & support they need to make their ideas take flight?

Welcome to 💬 The Communication Café! 


What is the Communication Café?


The Communication Café will help you develop unique skills in research/information communication, such as slide-based presentations, reports, and creative works (e.g., illustrations, comics, zines, podcasts).

How? It’s a free newsletter that gives you access to (free & paid) professional development opportunities not available to the public. Take a look below to see what’s included 👇


Free Goodies & Tech Tips Not Available to the Public

As if free online courses and events were enough, the Communication Café also gets PowerPoint, Google Slides & Keynote tech tips delivered with the newsletter. I sometimes also include bonus goodies that aren’t made public. These goodies have included helpful handouts, tech tips, and valuable videos. It’s just another way for me to thank people for being a Communication Café member!


Professional Development Opportunities

I will sometimes conduct workshops for those who are not in one of my courses. These 60-90 minute interactive online workshops will provide you with the skills you need to design effective presentations. Depending on the month, you’ll learn how to design beautiful text for your slides, choose visuals that resonate, reduce the text on your slides, or strategies for presenting your data in an easy-to-understand, memorable way—all without ever sacrificing the information itself. In the Communication Café, design never takes priority over content.


Access to sample/free online courses and events

I have helped HUNDREDS of academics, scientists, evaluators (and similar) with several sample (i.e., free!) courses or events over the past couple years. These have included strategies on finding and using visuals efficiently, how to create your own slide template, and even a weekend slide design bootcamp! These sample courses are only available to Communication Café members.


Special offers & prices on premium courses & training programs

What would a newsletter be without some added special offers or special prices? Communication Café members will always receive advance notice when enrollment is going to open for a premium course or training program, which also means a chance to grab it for a special price or with a special, unique bonus offer.


What’s happening this month at the Café?



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Meet your instructor.

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Echo Rivera, PhD

Owner, Creative Research Communications LLC

Hey there 👋🏻! I’m Dr. Echo Rivera and I’m here to help you communicate your research & educational info more effectively and creatively!

Not only do I have a PhD (Community Psychology) and over 12 years of research & evaluation experience (yes, both quant & qual), but I’ve also helped hundreds (yes, literally) of folks just like you create more effective presentations.

For nearly a decade, I’ve helped academics, evaluators, scientists, and services providers learn the key techniques for designing presentations that are effective. By “effective,” I mean they increase the likelihood that the audience will pay attention, understand, remember, and use the information.

I know that you’ll love the Communication Café, because all of my trainings and events are packed with value and actionable strategies that will help you make a better impression and longer impact with your audience.

The Communication Café is for anyone who delivers information to adults (in-person or via webinar/video) for the purposes of sharing research, data, technical, or educational information. At Creative Research Communications LLC our passion is helping such folks communicate their work more effectively and creatively. Social justice and important work that goes unheard or ignored is simply unacceptable, so we’re here to help make sure that this important work makes a positive social impact.

See you inside the Communication Café & at my next training or mentoring event!