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Don’t EVEN bother designing another presentation UNTIL you take this FREE course, made just for academics, scientists, and evaluators.

You’ll just be wasting your time and repeating all the bad habits you’ve picked up over the years. 😫

Whether you’re new to creating presentations OR you’ve been making them for decadesthere are important things you need to know about how to communicate effectively with slide decks in 2019.


This FREE course was made for PROFESSIONALS who share EDUCATIONAL, DATA-BASED, or SCIENTIFIC information to adults. I’m talking: academics, researchers, scientists, evaluators, and similar.

Does that sound like you? Keep reading!

COUNTDOWN TO STELLAR SLIDES is a FREE EMAIL COURSE 👀 about the latest EVIDENCE-BASED effective presentation design strategies you need to know.


This is NOT a graphic design course. This is NOT just about “pretty slides” or “pretty templates.”

…This is about effective communication 💬 as applied to slide-based presentations.

You’re going to learn how to be more CLEAR, COMPELLING, AND CAPTIVATING when you share your research, create your class lectures, design your conference presentations, and so on.


Curious about what you’re going to learn? Here’s the course outline 👇

  1. The problem with slide templates, and how to create your own unique slide style instead.

    Seriously. If you’re using a slide template (even if you paid for one), then that alone means you should take this course!

  2. Ideas for how to create effective slides with just well-designed text

    Because NO: you do NOT need a visual on every single slide!

  3. Why visuals are magic and which visuals to use in your slides.

    Visuals benefit the audience AND they benefit you. But, it boils down to knowing which visuals to use and which ones to ditch in 2019.

  4. Why having too much text on your slides is such a problem.

    You probably know this so I’ll keep it relatively brief ;) But, it’s something we do need to address because it’s the #1 challenging issue that my clients face.

  5. Whether it’s even worth the effort for you to design better presentations.

    Your time is incredibly valuable, so I’ll be sharing a little bit of extra info to help you decide on what makes sense for you in terms of investing in this kind of professional development.


This course was made by a PhD for grad students through PhDs.


Worried about this being “fluff” or just another list of graphic design trends?

That’s NOT what this is about.


Echo Rivera, PhD

Owner, Creative Research Communications LLC


Hey there 👋🏻! I’m Dr. Echo Rivera and I’m here to help you communicate your research & educational info more effectively and creatively!

Not only do I have a PhD (Community Psychology) and over 12 years of research & evaluation experience (yes, both quant & qual), but I’ve also helped hundreds (yes, literally) of folks just like you create more effective presentations.

For nearly a decade, I’ve helped academics, evaluators, scientists, and services providers learn the key techniques for designing presentations that are effective. By “effective,” I mean they increase the likelihood that the audience will pay attention, understand, remember, and use the information.

I know that you’ll love this free training course, because it’s packed with tons of actionable tips to make your presentations better ASAP.


This FREE introductory course was made for PROFESSIONALS who share EDUCATIONAL, DATA-BASED, or SCIENTIFIC information to adults.

COUNTDOWN TO STELLAR SLIDES isabout the latest EVIDENCE-BASED effective presentation design strategies you need to know if you want to communicate your knowledge in a clear, compelling, and captivating way.


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