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I went from a side hustle to a full time business. AMA.


When I was 18, I became the administrative officer for a small family business (a violin shop). 18 years old! I essentially managed the administrative side (and some of marketing, including building our company website) of that business for 5 years (while also going to college full-time and, at some points, while also doing an internship or working as a research assistant). I left the business to pursue my PhD in Community Psychology.

Fast forward almost a decade later….when I first started Creative Research Communications LLC, it was a side hustle that I did on weekends and evenings. Still, within the first 6 months I launched my first course successfully and have met my enrollment goals for 3 launches in a row.

When I made my online course, Blast Off to Stellar Slides, I literally sat my butt in my chair ALL WEEKEND LONG FOR LIKE 2 MONTHS to get all the lessons done and recorded. In other words, I know the hustle.

I had to apply all the design skills I’d collected over the years to make it happen: Social media graphics, social media promo posts, content upgrades, web design. My brand, my style, my website, my content upgrades, my course? All designed by me at first. I did it all. And it paid off. I’m thrilled to say that I’m now working on my business full-time. I’m now in a btter position to start getting help (I now have a new logo which was designed by DARK MOUSE DESIGNS).

In other words….I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I want to help others who are on this path. It’s been a rewarding but challenging road. And I know that it’s even harder when you don’t have anyone to help you. No one to ask questions, no one to give you feedback or the heads up that you’re about to waste a bunch of time!

So don’t do it alone. Let’s meet and I’ll answer anything you want to know, and give you the feedback you didn’t even know you needed.

Now, I’ll be honest: I don’t know everything. I’m still hustling. I’m still growing my business. But after 7 years of combined business management & development experience, I have a lot I can share with you. That means I can speed things up for you, and help you skip over a lot of the mistakes I made.


And I’m ready to help you with anything I can, including business strategy.

Here is just a sample of what I can train you to do or give you feedback about:

  • Creating your brand.

  • Web design using Squarespace (this website is Squarespace, designed entirely by me).

  • Email list basics (why you need one, how to use it).

  • Blogging ideas and tips (or: do you even need to blog).

  • Technical email list training using ConvertKit.

  • My experience or help with various communication & productivity apps: Slack, Trello, Asana, Google Drive.

  • Creating social media posts using the software you have (PowerPoint, Keynote, and advanced design software).

  • How to use Twitter effectively.

  • How to set up a YouTube Channel, including the lighting and audio.

  • Scheduling social media posts (We’ve used Buffer, MeetEdgar, and Later).

  • How to edit using iMovie or Final Cut Pro X.

  • How to create your own digital visuals with PowerPoint or Keynote (simple shapes) or with Affinity Designer.

  • Non-gross marketing approaches. I will not train you to make people feel bad about themselves as a marketing technique. That’s super suuuuper gross.

  • How I created the visuals on my website.

  • How to create and market an online course.

  • Transitioning from a side hustle to a full-time business.

Need help with something that isn’t on the list? These are just some common topics, so please still ask!


How to book a session:

This is an investment in your business and should be tax deductible (please consult with your accountant to confirm. I am not an accountant).

I offer three session lengths:

  • 2 hour session: $500 USD

  • 1.5 hour session: $375 USD

  • 1-hour session: $250 USD


  • Send me an email with the following information:

    • Which session you want, your availability, and ideal day/time for the session.

    • Your questions or what you need help with (a little background about your business will be helpful).

    • The document, presentation, website, or relevant item that you’d like help with, so I can review it first (if applicable).

  • I will confirm my availability and that I can help with your questions. If I can, I will then send a PayPal invoice for the agreed upon session length. Payment is required in advance. No refunds.

Then we get together in real time and I help you with ALL THE THINGS! Easy peasy!