Let’s talk about Blast Off to Stellar Slides & pricing…

A common hesitation people have before enrolling in Blast Off to Stellar Slides is the price. I 100% understand that you have to spend your money wisely. Here are some ways that I’ve accounted for folks who need to be careful about money, and to ensure that BOSS includes a TON of value.

It's a good idea to be ready for BOSS before enrollment opens. I always have an early bird price AND special bonus swag offer for the first few who enroll. 

Projected enrollment dates for the next upcoming cohorts (subject to change):

  • COHORT 5: Late summer/early fall 2019

  • COHORT 6: June 2020

ESTIMATED tuition for the late summer/early fall 2019 cohort (subject to change):

It pays to be ready. You can save $100 by enrolling in the early bird period ($50 savings compared to regular enrollment) AND choosing the one-payment option ($50 savings compared to the payment plan)!

Early Bird Enrollment (USD)

  • Independent Study:

    • Six monthly payments of $133 OR one payment of $749

  • Praxis Upgrade (4 group coaching calls, practice activities/bonus lessons, private community):

    • Six monthly payments of $158 OR one payment of $899

  • Mentoring Upgrade (Praxis + three 90-minute 1:1 sessions with me):

    • Initial payment of $858, then 5 monthly payments of $158 OR one payment of $1,599

Regular Enrollment (USD)

  • Independent Study:

    • Six monthly payments of $142 OR one payment of $799

  • Praxis Upgrade (4 group coaching calls, practice activities/bonus lessons, private community):

    • Six monthly payments of $167 OR one payment of $949

  • Mentoring Upgrade (Praxis + three 90-minute 1:1 sessions with me):

    • Initial payment of $867, then 5 monthly payments of $167 OR one payment of $1,649

1. The 6-month payment plan option 🗓️

Here's a fun fact you might not know about me: Sometimes I watch QVC (a home shopping network) for fun. I started watching it in grad school as a way to have background noise, but now I ... just .. watch it.

"Do you buy a bunch of stuff from them?" people ask when they learn this. The answer is actually no. Which kind of makes it even weirder, I know. 🤣

BUT, in the 10 years I've been watching QVC, I have bought some things from them: high priced items like my Vitamix and a fancy vacuum cleaner to deal with 2 dogs' worth of hair everywhere. There was technically a cheaper price on Amazon for some...but QVC allows you to break your payments up across multiple months. That's the only way I was able to afford those things. (Related: remember TJ Maxx had a layaway program?! That was awesome).

Anyway, here's the point of my story: I only have nice things 💎 because I was able to make payments. So, I've been there. I get it. Which is why you can choose to pay your tuition across 6 months, instead of one payment at once. 🥰

2. NO MONTHLY FEES after your tuition is paid 🙌

Everything is a subscription plan these days--but not BOSS! Once you pay your tuition, you have access to the course for as long as I host it. Which is going to be years and years from now. I used to say "lifetime" access, but hey. You never know--that zombie apocalypse might happen one day. 🧟‍♀️

In other words, it's as close to lifetime access as I can possibly guarantee. Not only is that excellent for your wallet, but it also means that you really can take this course on YOUR schedule. Win-win!

3. FREE updates to the core material 😮

You don't even just get access to the current course ... you also get free updates to the core material. That means your initial cost is actually a long-term investment into your professional development. Since the first BOSS cohort began, the following material has been added to the course, at no cost to existing students!

1. 60-minutes of bonus lessons from Ann K. Emery on data visualization. 📊

2. Access to a curated collection of visuals (that I think work particularly well for academics, scientists, evaluators, and researchers) that I made on a popular stock photo website (all free). 🤩

3. More than 60-minutes of lessons on how to create your own visuals using professional software, with an icon-creating project. 👩🏽‍🔬

4. New/beta lessons throughout the core curriculum (I didn't count how many minutes this adds up to, but there are quite a few!) 🧠

5. A follow-along workshop on how to make custom handouts (with a mini lesson on one-pager infographics). 🤯

The core curriculum, create your visual database masterclass, and the handouts workshop are all covered under this "free updates" guarantee. If I make new courses/sections that aren't part of the core material, you will either get them for free(Ann K. Emery's videos are an example of me doing this already!) OR they will be available for purchase like an optional add-on or "extended edition" type of thing.

4. The price increases with EVERY cohort 😱

Because I add new material between each cohort, and because the software/apps I use increase in cost every year, the price increases each time I open enrollment to a new cohort. If you don't sign up with this cohort, then you WILL pay more next time.

5. Cost comparisons show that BOSS 👏 is 👏 actually 👏 a 👏 steal

Even though the price might seem steep at first...it's actually an incredibly awesome deal.

As far as I know, there is no other comprehensive online program about effective presentation made specifically for academics, scientists, researchers, and evaluators. There are other courses about one or a couple component/s of a presentation (e.g., data visualization), but not from storyboarding to delivery like BOSS is. So it's hard to do an exact cost comparison.

The closest thing is conference workshops. Here is what I generally see in the social sciences, but these prices vary a lot. I recommend you price this based on the main conferences you go to.

Conference Registration Fee: $250-500 💸

One-day workshop Fee: $250-500 💸

Travel: $150-$350 ✈️

Hotel: $125 per night x 2 nights = $250 🏨

Food: $50/day x 3 days = $150 🥑☕️

So that's about $1,050 - $1,750 just to attend a full-day workshop at an academic or scientific conference.

We're already at a higher price than BOSS by HUNDREDS of dollars!

But like I said. It's not even a direct comparison because at a conference you're probably trying to learn while feeling tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed 😴 (which means you're not processing most of the information).

PLUS, you don't get a recorded replay of the workshop 😫 which means no chance to take refreshers, and you don't get free updates to the material over time.

FINALLY, if I did a full-day in-person workshop, I'd have to cut out several HOURS of information, and there'd be NO tech training.

So, trying to learn presentation skills by attending conference workshops means (a) you're paying HUNDREDS of dollars more, AND (b) you're trying to learn during the WORST time for your brain, and (C) you get LESS value & information.

That doesn't sound very money wise, does it?

Alternatively, there is a specialized presentation conference you could go to--if you don't mind that it's mostly business, corporate, and marketing folks (which means you'll need to do the work of translating it to YOUR unique presentations that are about educating people).

It's called the Presentation Summit and the "affordable" 2019 cost of this conference is $1,595 just for the registration fee. 😵💀 To be fair, their intended audience is small businesses--people like me who do this for a living. 


And that doesn't include travel or lodging. Let's use the same numbers as above. I'll assume you're like me and find cheaper hotels rather than stay at the conference hotel. I will also assume you'd find a way to only stay in a hotel for 2 nights and attend all 3 days. I'm going to leave in the price of food because buffets are disgusting (sorry if that's your thing. I'm not judging you for liking them!) & there's a chance they wouldn't serve food you'd want to/could eat.

Conference Registration Fee: $1,595 💸💸💸💸💸

Travel: $150-$350 ✈️

Hotel: $125 per night x 2 nights = $250 🏨

Food: $50/day x 3 days = $150 🥑☕️

So that's about $2,145 - $2,345 just to attend a specialized presentation conference for small business (i.e., that is NOT EVEN tailored to the needs of academics, scientists, researchers, or evaluators).

Don't get me wrong: I hear it's a fantastic conference, especially for people like me who do this for a living. But...will it meet YOUR needs the way BOSS will--given that BOSS was literally made by someone with a PhD that tailor made it for you?

Besides, once again, we have the same limitations as before: you'll be tired, there's no replay, and no updates.

So, when you really think about it, BOSS is a steal. That's also why I increase my prices with each new cohort. Clearly, I'm undercharging right now!

Thanks to capitalism, you might now be questioning: Wait, then why is it priced so low? Is it because the quality isn't great? Not at all. It's because I'm still growing and developing new material for the course. You're essentially getting rewarded for being an early supporter of the course.

6. Where's the proof of value?

I can say things like "this is the course I wish I had years ago" and "taking professional development will ultimately save you tons of time and energy" until I run out of air (which, is actually likely because I live in a relatively high altitude place and my lungs are still unhappy about it).

But, obviously you should take what I say with a grain of salt. That's why I invited BOSS students to share their own experiences -- with no compensation -- so you can hear it from them. Again, they weren't compensated for this: they just really want to end #DeathByPowerpoint and want to spread the word about what is helping them do that (i.e., BOSS). 


Read the reviews from current BOSS students; and read the case studies (with before/after slides) by BOSS students: Dr. Jennifer de BeyerDr. Kathryn KlementBecky Miller-McGrath, and Dr. Rebecca Stone.