The Stellar Slides WOMEN'S BOOTCAMP

The online bootcamp for women academics, scientists, evaluators, and researchers who want  to end their presentation procrastination with the support of a community. 

Coming June 30th and July (date TBD).


"I'll just finish my slides on the plane" said every procrastinator, ever. 

We've all been there...

...pushing our presentation to the "back burner" until the very last minute... 

...scrambling to put our presentation together, feeling super stressed out. Wondering why we do this to ourselves EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

That's why I'm putting together a live event to help stop your presentation procrastination in its tracks. In my bootcamp, you'll get the support and accountability you need to finish that presentation goal BEFORE it turns into a last-minute stress ball. 

The STELLAR SLIDES WOMEN'S BOOTCAMP is a LIVE ONLINE WORKING SESSION for women academics, scientists, evaluators, and researchers who want to end their presentation procrastination. 

The FIRST boot camp will be JUNE 30th from 9-11:30 AM Mountain Time.  

The SECOND boot camp will be in July (date TBD).

The boot camp is FREE for Communication Café members (The Café is my free email list). Sign up to get the invite >> 


The bootcamp is a LIVE COMMUNITY EVENT so you can feel LESS ISOLATED when working on your slides. 

In US Mountain Time. For reference: 8am Pacific / 9am Mountain / 10am Central / 11am Eastern

INTRODUCTIONS & MINI TRAINING // 9:00 AM – 9:20 AM (20 minutes)

  • Group introductions & goal sharing.
  • Overview of agenda, how to use Slack, privacy rules, and how the boot camp will work.
  •  10-15-minute video mini-training on the workflow and quick tips for each step.

WORK SESSION // 9:20 AM – 9:50 AM (30 minutes)

  • Work on your presentation!
  • If you get stuck or have a question, add it to the “Questions” channel, then keep going.

BREAK + COMMUNITY PARTY // 9:50 AM – 10:00 AM (10 minutes)

  • Return to the community to celebrate your progress and cheer others on for their progress.
  •  Join the Zoom call where I will answer as many questions I can that were posted in the “Questions” channel.
  • You can share your video/mic if you want to, but that’s completely optional! You can just watch without sharing. The video sessions will NOT be recorded.

WORK SESSION // 10:00 AM – 10:30 (30 minutes)

  • Same as before: Work on your presentation!
  • If you get stuck or have a question, add it to the “Questions” channel, then keep going.

COMMUNITY COLLABORATION SESSION // 10:30 AM – 10:50 AM (20 minutes)

  • Return to the community to celebrate your progress and cheer others on for their progress.
  • Help others! Give feedback on materials/questions posted by others.  
  • Ask for help! Share screenshots of your slides, share your framing/language to see if it’s understandable, etc.

WORK SESSION // 10:50 AM – 11:15 (25 minutes)

  • Same as before: Work on your presentation.
  •  Incorporating feedback or insights from the community session.

COMMUNITY PARTY + WRAP UP // 11:15 AM – 11:130 (15 minutes)

  • Return to the community to celebrate your progress and cheer others on for their progress.
  • Write down the next steps you need to take to finish your presentation.

The bootcamp is a LIVE ONLINE EVENT

We're going to hang out together to provide each other with support and encouragement, in real time. Everyone will be working towards a presentation goal, so you can stay focused, productive, and feel supported.



Why do you need a presentation bootcamp? 

The bad news: This pattern of behavior is adding stress to your life, which I know you don't need or want.

The terrible news: Your presentation storyboard, design, and delivery will be less than stellar if it was created last minute. Your audience will be more likely to think "Ugh. #DeathByPowerpoint." than "awesome presentation!" and will be more likely to forget your talk (and you) than walk away thinking "awesome presenter! I want to collaborate with her!"

The good news: You're not alone. This is a super common experience in academic, scientific, evaluation, and research fields. You aren't an unprofessional academic or a bad person because of it. It's just a bad habit, and it's something you CAN change. 

The stellar news: You have a free opportunity to help you make that change, and get/give support from women looking to do the same. 


Meet your coach

Hi :) I'm Dr. Echo Rivera

About Your Bootcamp Coach

I've been doing research and evaluation for 12 years now, and I spent even more years as a student. As an undergrad and grad student, I grew frustrated with text-heavy, boring presentations. I craved better stories, and better slides. I noticed a need for more fun, engagement, and design within academia. Frankly, I was bored to tears.

Turns out, I wasn't alone. #DeathByPowerpoint is a common phrase, cried across the globe. I refused to accept it any longer, because too much important research was being dismissed or misused. How are we supposed to reverse climate change, clean our oceans, end institutionalized oppression, use clean energy, end violence and poverty, and promote a healthy and happy Earth if no one listens to us? To me, it's all connected, and it's urgent that we work together to get our work heard, understood, and used for positive social change. All academics, scientists, evaluators, and researchers deliver slide-based presentations, so it seemed like a great place to start.

I'm doing my small part by training and mentoring others on how to create effective, compelling presentations. I'm here to leverage my research/evaluation background and PhD in Community Psychology to help you understand how to tell data-based stories that will resonate and increase the likelihood that your audience will actually understand, remember, and use your information.

Join me! I can't wait to make you an awesome presenter!

with joy,

Photos used in this page are from the Women of Color Tech Chat series on Flickr.