[COMIC] Why are webinars so terrible? It doesn’t have to be this way!


Are webinars doomed to be boring? It feels that way sometimes, doesn't it? 

I don't know about you but when I watch most webinars, I end up "multi-tasking" which is our collective euphemism for "doing one thing but pretending I'm doing two." 😂

That was the inspiration for my latest comic, "It Doesn't Have to Be This Way." 

Webinar-Comic_EchoRivera copy.png

Why are webinars so bad?

Because most presentations are bad. 😭

And when you’re giving a webinar you can’t compensate for ineffective slides with an engaging in-person presence: things like waving your hands, pacing, or great facial expressions.

Gestures and eye contact can sometimes make your #DeathByPowerpoint slide deck feel (slightly) less awful.

But that’s kind of the bad news here. There’s nothing inherently wrong with webinars as a format. That means boring webinars are just a symptom of the larger problem that bad presentations have become the accepted standard.

It’s not surprising we’re in this mess because we don’t receive training on how to make engaging presentations in grad school. We’re all just expected to magically know what to do.

For some people, it’s kind of good news because you can put minimal effort into your presentation and get away with a #DeathByPowerpoint presentation without standing out too much.

But it’s terrible news if you’re trying to make presentations that actually make an impact.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

Webinars can be engaging and effective! YOU can make webinars that your audience enjoys.

Don’t believe me? I give a lot of webinars, and here are just some things that people have said about them.


I don’t use fancy tricks. I don’t use fancy software (I only use PowerPoint or Keynote). I just know how to make an engaging presentation, full stop. I’m not trying to sound arrogant here. I just spent over a decade specifically focusing on a creating better presentations, so I better know how!. I know others don’t have that type of time (or desire) to do the same, which is why I’m training others on what I know.

Because, once you know how to make an engaging presentation, then the format doesn’t matter. Webinar, in-person: all of it will be engaging and effective.

Let me show you how to make engaging presentations! I know you can do it!

I have lots of options available: