[Video] How to Avoid These Presentation Design Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Time


[YouTube Video] How to Avoid These Presentation Design Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Time

A lot of people feel like creating effective and visual slides takes too much time.

And, in a way, it is true that creating effective presentations takes time.  That's how it is with anything, though. You can't write a grant proposal in 20 minutes...well, not one that would win.

So, it's a little unfair to expect that creating compelling presentations that resonate with your students or colleagues would only take an hour :)

Wait, wait. I DO have good news, I swear! I also know that most people waste time when they create their presentations.

Right now, you're doing things that are a waste of time. I'm going to show you what you can STOP doing, so you can spend your time more wisely.

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#1 Don't add clutter

How much time have you spent agonizing over which template to use?

Well, whatever amount of time you just said, you can put it back into your time bank, because it’s time to stop using templates.

Templates don’t count as visuals, they force you to use bad information design, and they don’t mean anything.

If you spend a little time creating your own style, then you can just use that and it will be more effective.


#2: Forget about fancy animations and transitions

Are you a fan of animations and transitions? I can relate. If there’s an animation or transition, guaranteed I’ve used it.


Wild animations or transitions are distracting, super tacky, and can make your presentation look unprofessional.

And the worst part is …. They take forever to set up.  So you’re spending tons of time, just to distract and confuse your audience.

All you need to do is use something simple, like “appear” for the entire presentation. That’s it.


#3: #VisualsAreMagic

Here is another reminder that visuals are magic.

How much time do you spend tweaking the text on your slides? Wondering

> Is the spacing between lines equal?

> How can I cram in an extra sentence on this slide?

> How can I cut this full sentence down to 12 words?

Whatever amount of time you just said, again, it’s too much time. It’s much faster (and effective) to drag a photo into the slide, make it big, and add in a few key words.


with joy,
Dr. Echo Rivera

p.s. This post/video is a revised version of my very first blog post from 2017.