A Tour of #StellarSlidesin5


The big takeaway from my recent quiz is that most people have the right attitude when it comes to effective presenting...but a ton of people don't know how to actually implement that. Specifically, a lot people are doing the opposite of what they should be doing! 

This isn't surprising: almost no one receives formal training on effective, visual communication. We're just expected to figure it out for ourselves or to learn by watching others. Which, by the way, makes absolutely zero sense considering that most people do the wrong thing when it comes to effective presenting. 

So I'm here to fill that gap. You have some excellent FREE TRAINING that's waiting for you...but that disappears September 15th, 2018. Here is what's waiting for you in the #StellarSlidesin5 training. 

#StellarSlidesin5 is over and the replays are gone. Want in on my next training event? Sign up for the Communication Café newseltter!

In this FREE TRAINING, you get: 

  • Lots of laughs while I secretly also train you to create better presentations.

  • Your mind blown with all the myths I'm going to bust.

  • Empowered to create the type of presentations that resonate with your audience.

  • An online community of academics, evaluators, researchers, and scientists just like you.

Here's what one participant said at the end:

Echo, you made me laugh about 5 times during today's webinar - just because I enjoyed some of your comments and slides so much (like the smoking praying mantis). I wanted to thank you for that - a day without a laugh is a day that needs to be improved! And I certainly learned a few things today.


What's that? You want some more specific details and screenshots from the training videos? You got it, friend! 

Buckle up, coffee cup because here's a tour of topics covered in this FREE training series (that disappears Sept 15th): 

[1] What even is effective presenting? 

 We start here because most people think they know what effective presenting is...but they don't. Not really. 


And this was made pretty clear based on the results of my quiz. A lot of people don't really know how to create effective presentations. That's why we start here and I explain the framework I use to train people on effective presentation skills. 


And then I explain what happens when you don't follow this framework. Basically, you get ineffective slides, and I share a bunch of examples of ineffective slides. Here's just one example, but you might be surprised to see the others in the video...


[2] What you ACTUALLY need to design compelling presentations that inspire & "wow" your audience

It's no secret that most people use PowerPoint to create their slides...but is that the way it should be? We start this video by talking about the software I recommend you use, and which ones I recommend you avoid. The answer might surprise you! 


But then we talk about things beyond software, like the type of attitudes you need to have if you want to create compelling presentations. I also share with you some of my old slides and share with you how I went from slides like these (lol!) to what I create now...but more importantly, I tell you exactly how you can have the same transformation I did (in less time). 


[3] LIES you've been told about effective presenting in an academic, scientific, educational context

Oooooooh, friend. You've been told A LOT of lies about how to create effective presentations. Like a lot. I mean, people probably don't know they're lying to you...but that's the scary part! That's why so many people got some core, introductory-level questions wrong on my recent quiz. 

For example: if you're worried that being funny and engaging is "not focusing on the facts" or is "unprofessional" then you've been told some big lies that make you worried about that. Or if you think any of these things here, then you'll definitely want to take this free training >> 


These lies will stagnate your progress as an effective presenter, so it's important to address them head on. 


[4] The most common MISTAKES that set you up to fail 

Then we get real deep into things with this training, where we talk about common mistakes you're making that set you up to fail. Ugh. I don't want you to fail. You don't want to fail. That's why we need to talk about these things.

StellarSlidesin5_04 copy.012.png

Because these mistakes? These are all the lies we tell ourselves that allow us to continue making ineffective presentations. But don't worry, my training philosophy is 100% non-shaming. The reason we have to talk about these things is because we don't receive formal training on effective, visual communication. There's a big gap that I need to fill, and it's not your fault. 

[5] Quick start presentation design strategies that grad students thru PhDs can implement TODAY

And then we round out the training with a full length workshop packed full of slide design strategies that will instantly make your slides look better. After completing the first 4 trainings you'll be in a position to apply these strategies easily. 


In this webinar, I walk you through the things you have on your slides that will make it harder for your audience to understand you, and then tell you exactly how to fix that. 


There are also some activities and guessing games sprinkled throughout. Overall, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how new or different this information is, and how fun and easy it will be to fix your bad slide design habits. I also think you'll enjoy the ride and laugh a few times :D