5 Reasons you should come to #StellarSlidesin5


Do you want to become a more effective and engaging presenter? 

You know: create lectures that keep your students' attention the whole time and increase the likelihood that they'll learn & remember the material. Or conference presentations that demonstrate your professionalism and skills. You get the point. 

If you said yes, then you do not want to miss #StellarSlidesin5. 


#StellarSlidesin5 is the biggest FREE training event that I've ever put together and it's going to be AWESOME. 

If you hear "big" and think "that's a lot of work" then you'd be wrong. KEEP. READING.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should come to #StellarSlidesin5. We start August 13th, but keep reading even if that's a bad week for you!

1. It's going to be FUN. 

Maybe you hear 5 days of training and think... 

"ugh, my brain is dead. I can't do any more learning." 

"Thanks but no thanks, I want to enjoy the rest of my summer and not want some boring webinar." 

"Webinars are terrible and I won't watch them unless I absolutely HAVE to." 

And...I totally get that. Let me give some reassurance.

Remember: I train people on how to create effective presentations...which means I need to practice what I preach. I spend A LOT of time on these and strive to make them fun, lighthearted, and engaging. 


The first four days are just small, brownbag style meetings. Yes, I'll have a slide deck to share, because I want to show you what you can do with great slides. Ultimately, this is going to be informal, casual, and full of jokes/cute pics. 


Still hesitant, because you've had such a bad experience with webinars? Here is what people JUST LIKE YOU said the last time I did this webinar. 

These are quotes from people who attended the webinar that will be on Friday. It's my most popular (free) webinar because people learn a lot of actionable strategies they can start doing RIGHT AWAY. 


Ready to sign up? Here's the form >>

The first 4-days are just 30-minutes that you can fit in when taking a break, eating a late breakfast, or eating lunch (depending on your time zone). The last day is a webinar that will be about 1 hour, maybe about 1.5 hours if people ask a lot of questions. In total, that's up to 3 hours of time spread across an entire week.


That should be pretty doable for most folks, but if you can't make it live then see Reason #3! 

2. You will walk away with actionable strategies. 

If you haven't taken professional development training on presentation design before, then I guarantee that you will learn a ton of strategies and ideas that will help you improve your slides IMMEDIATELY. 

We're going to cover concrete skills (like what fonts, alignments, etc to use), and other things like what software do I recommend you use to create AMAZING presentations that WOW your audience (and which ones I recommend you avoid. The answer might surprise you.  


I am not exaggerating. As soon as I say my final "have a good day, thanks again for coming" you will be able to open up your slide software and improve your presentation. 

3. You don't even have to do the whole thing live: there will be replays! 

Yes, it's 5 days. Yes, you should do all of them to get the most out of it, and Yes, the live meetups will be the most fun. Buuut....I understand that's not the reality for a lot of people.

When you sign up, all you're signing up for is the link to the videos and the replays.

This isn't a commitment to attend every single one live. 

Come to one live (maybe just the full-length training webinar), and watch replays of the rest. 

Come to NONE live, and watch them all as a replay. 

It's totally up to you! 

...But, you HAVE TO SIGN UP to get the replay links. 

4. You need it. 

Look. Let's be real. If you haven't taken formal training in effective presentation design or development then you need it. If you've just been using PowerPoint or Keynote for years, and/or had your advisor/instructor/colleagues tell you a few tips...then you need to take real training. 

There are SO MANY myths out there about effective presenting, like:

  • Use as few slides as possible
  • Use bullet points 
  • Any visual is better than no visual 
  • Don't write a script and don't practice "too much" 
  • A font size smaller than 30 is acceptable 
  • Limit your use of animations 
  • Sometimes, design can get in the way of (or distract you from) being professional
  • and more!

If you believe ANY of those, then sign up RIGHT NOW. Because, #StellarSlidesin5 covers the attitude, knowledge, and skills you need to start creating better presentations immediately. 

Oh, and if you've read my blog, watched my videos, or taken my courses: AWESOME! You still need this training to take it to the next level :) 

5. Um...it's FREE.

All 5 days in #StellarSlidesin5 is provided at NO COST. Where else can you get that much helpful, actionable training for free? The answer is NOWHERE. 

If you're thinking: "Well if it's free, then it can't be that good." then that's wrong, too. 

I am able to provide this for free because, after seeing how AMAZING my free content is...my hope is that some will start to wonder what they could achieve if they invested just a little bit more into their own professional development. After all, one purpose of this week is to get you EXCITED about presentation design and help you decide whether you want to invest in additional training or not. 

And, if that happens to be you, then #StellarSlidesin5 is the event that leads up to the open enrollment period for my online professional development course, Blast Off to Stellar Slides

But that's not the focus of the event: My main purpose is to just get people creating better presentations, because I'm personally sick and tired of #DeathByPowerpoint. 


So what are you waiting for, friend? This is a WIN-WIN scenario. Sign up now!