Scholarship Opportunity for Blast Off to Stellar Slides


Enrollment to my online professional development program, Blast Off to Stellar Slides, is opening REALLY SOON!

This will be the third cohort in the program, and I'm doing something new for this cohort: a full scholarship for one woman academic, researcher, scientist, evaluator, or researcher-activist.

Watch this short video to learn more about the professional development program >>


Full details about the online program can be found here.

Key things to know:

  • The class starts September 2018, but...
  • The core curriculum is a self-paced, online course. There are about 10-15 hours of video, depending on how much tech training you need. 
  • All students get long-term access so everyone can complete the course on their own time (and re-watch lessons whenever). 
  • And, students get updates to the material added at no charge. 
  • The community events are live, but there is usually a replay and I do live events each cohort (that former students are invited to)


Details are still here just for the record...

For my upcoming Fall 2018 enrollment, one person will receive a full scholarship to the COMMUNITY PACKAGE for Blast Off to Stellar Slides.

The COMMUNITY package includes the self-paced online core curriculum (6 modules + 2 advanced trainings), plus the private community (currently on Facebook) and group events. These events depend on how many students enrolled, and I check in with students to find out what would most interest them. So far, this has included things like group coaching (Q&A) and group slide makeovers. 


There are THREE criteria you must meet to be eligible for this scholarship. You must meet ALL THREE:

1. You must be an adult cis or trans woman, gender queer, gender fluid, or non-binary. Note: ***people of color will be prioritized.***

2. You must share some type of educational, informational, scientific, or research-based information using slide-based software (PowerPoint, Keynote).

Yeah, that's pretty broad. You don't have to be a professor or have a certain title. It's more about what you do and what information you share (and don't share). If you don't know whether you meet this criterion, email me:

Also, I don't teach Prezi and don't recommend Google Slides or Canva for if that's all you use (and want to use), I wouldn't recommend applying for the scholarship.

3. You do not have access to professional development or other funds from your organization, university, institution, etc.

Please only apply for this scholarship if you've already checked and confirmed you cannot receive funding to take my course. I do not receive any grant or institutional funding to run this program (hit me up if you think you can change that!). Basically each cohort is like a mini kickstarter campaign (and we've done it twice already! whoo hoo). I will be taking a loss of income to provide this scholarship. That isn't a sob story, so far BOSS has exceeded my expectations and this scholarship is totally worth it. I bring it up just to say that if you do have funds to enroll, please use those because this scholarship will only activate if I meet my enrollment goal. So, if you use your professional development/grant funds to enroll, then you will help us meet this enrollment goal and, by default, support the scholarship for a woman who doesn't have the same access to resources.

Which is super awesome and a great opportunity to pay it forward!

Selection/Evaluation Criteria:

I will review the eligible applications and choose the person who can enroll using the scholarship. There won't be a point system or anything like that, but here are two key questions I will consider. 

1. What room for improvement is there with this person's presentation storyboard and design?

2. Will taking Blast Off to Stellar Slides help this person become a more effective presenter? 

Application Materials & Instructions:


Estimated time to complete: Approximately 1 hour

Please do not create new slides for this application. I want to see what you've already created. Send me:

1. A presentation that you're really proud of (and shows you presenting on the topic that meets eligibility criterion #3).

2. A presentation that you'd like to improve (and shows you presenting on the topic that meets eligibility criterion #3).

These can be from the same presentation/slide deck. If that's the case, just tell me which slides fit into which category (if they're different slides).

Please send UP TO 2 presentation files -- no more than that. Also, don't just send a couple slides. The course is more than just slide design, so I'd like to see your entire presentation so I can see the storyboarding and context.

You can send it in PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF file format. Remember: I don't train on Google Slides or Prezi, so I don't recommend sending those to me (unless you want to convert them into PPT or Keynote).

Email that (those) to me with the following information and materials to [APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED]

  1. Your full name.

  2. Your position, title, affiliation.
  3. Links to your social media profile/s and bio/website.
  4. A few sentences about how you meet eligibility criteria #2 and #3.
  5. A few sentences about why you'd like to take my course.
  6. Whether you will be available September-October to complete the course, participate in the community, and the community/group events -- or if you'd have to take the course later in the semester (or next year).
  7. Why you're proud of the presentation attached.
  8. What you'd like to improve about the presentation attached.

Please copy/paste this list into an email and just type your responses below them. No need to format or make your responses formal/pretty/etc. You have better things to do with your time and your 1-2 presentation slides are the most important things for me to see anyway.

I will confirm receipt within 48 hours. If you don't get a reply from me by then, please reach out again to confirm I received it. 

I anticipate that the decision will be made by August 15, 2018 9pm Mountain Time.

What's the catch? 

By submitting an application, you also agree to be added to my free email list, the Communication Café (if you aren't already). It's how I share updates with this community, bonus videos or tips not available to the public, and other helpful info about effective presenting. You can unsubscribe (one-click) at any time, and I never share or sell your info to anybody. 

The scholarship winner will be announced via blog post on my website and shared on social media. That's pretty much the main requirement: that I'm able to write about the scholarship winner. I'd like to post your bio, picture, and social media links. Ideally, you'll be able to write a short piece about why you were interested in this course (or I could use what you sent in your application). But, we'll chat about that before it happens. 

Not required, but would be helpful is to help spread the word about the course. I have a small enrollment goal that I must meet to run this next cohort of BOSS. So, if I don't meet this goal, there might not be a course to give you a scholarship to. However, that's just me being obnoxiously cautious: I've met this goal twice already (yay!). will be super helpful (but not required) if you do things like post about it on your social media accounts or let others in your program/network know about the course. 

Then, once you're done with the course, I will ask you for (a) feedback on how to improve the course and/or (b) a testimonial. It's not required, and it's something I ask of all students, but I might as well let you know now :) Also, I invite students to write a guest blog with before/after slide examples. You will be invited to do that as well. Not required, though!