Storyboard, Design, and Deliver Compelling Presentations in 6 Weeks with Blast Off to Stellar Slides


Hello, friend!

This is my favorite time of the year: I’m about to help an entire group of academics, researchers, scientists, and evaluators take a giant leap towards creating effective, visual presentations.

For the next few weeks, we are accepting new students for the next cohort of Blast Off to Stellar Slides (BOSS). BOSS is my online professional development course that trains you on how to storyboard, design, and deliver awesome presentations in just 6 weeks.

So...why do people join BOSS?

That's a question I ask every new student, and here is a snapshot of their answers. They want to...  

...increase the likelihood that their research, evaluation, or scientific research is actually used (e.g., "re-uptake").

...deliver compelling presentations that are an enjoyable experience for their audience.

...increase the likelihood that their audience will pay attention to them. their audience better understand complex information and lots of data or technical information.

...increase their confidence at public speaking. known as a professional who delivers engaging -- not boring -- presentations.

...stop reading from their slides so much, instead relying on their expertise and being free to engage with their audience more.

Do any of those sound like your professional goals? If so, keep reading!


In just 6 weeks, you’re going to learn exactly how to apply the entire visual communication framework, step-by-step:

  • Storyboarding and storytelling (yes, important especially when you have lots of data!)

  • Decluttering

  • Modern design

  • Graphic and information design

  • Using visuals effectively

  • Data visualization

  • Animations

  • *** Bonus Advanced Workshop: Finding visuals that resonate (and why you can never seem to find the perfect visual)

  • *** Bonus Advanced Workshop: Creating custom handouts

  • *** Bonus Advanced Workshop: Creating your own visuals and digital illustrations (Jan 2019)

pecifically, everyone who enrolls in BOSS gets: 

  • The entire self-paced, online BOSS curriculum: 12 hours of lessons + 3 hours of tech training -- spaced out across 6 weeks

  • The Create Your Visual Database Masterclass (Advanced Workshop)

  • The Create Custom Handouts That Rock Advanced Workshop

  • The Create Your Own Illustrations/Visuals Advanced Workshop (coming January 2019)

  • Resource Library

  • PowerPoint and Keynote 101 basic training videos

  • Free updates and access to new trainings for the lifetime of the course!

And before you ask: YES, you can fit this into your schedule!

This is a self-paced online course and most lessons are only 8 minutes long – that’s it – and all lessons are under 20 minutes. Plus, you have the option to sign up for extra accountability help and community events. 

Whoa! That's a LOT of training, folks. This is EVERYTHING you need to create effective presentations, from start to finish. Good luck finding an online professional development that covers all this material, and was specifically made for academics, evaluators, researchers, and scientists. 

Week 1 is the Foundations of Effective, Engaging Presentations.

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency: That’s critical to helping you avoid overwhelm as you apply what you’re learning in BOSS. You will learn strategies to use your time more effectively and wisely when creating presentations in the future. We’ll also talk about whether and how these strategies work for people with disabilities. Finally, you’ll learn one of the most important strategies to create engaging presentations without having to try to too hard.


And that’s just the core curriculum! As soon as you enroll, you will also have access to the Create Your Visual Database Masterclass. In this advanced workshop, you will learn the secrets to finding high-quality (Free) visuals quickly. I know why you can't find the perfect visuals and/or why it takes you forever to find good visuals. It's because your whole approach is wrong and I've found a new way.

>>> And, no, the new way isn't paying for visuals--I show you how to find perfect visuals for FREE in LESS TIME than you're spending to find bad ones.

I also show you a new efficiency strategy for finding, storing, and using visuals that will save you time. Plus, you’ll learn about copyright, creative commons, and how to give artists credit.


Week 2 is All About Storyboarding.

Most presenters struggle with choosing what content to include, and what content to leave out. Folks also set themselves up to fail with their very first, and very last slides, so you’ll learn how to start with a bang and end in a way that aligns with your presentation impact goals. You’ll also learn the difference between a storyboard, storyline, and your content.


Week 3 Shows You How to Declutter and Update Your Design Toolbox.

Once you’ve learned the storyboarding basics, you’ll learn how to clean up your slides that your storyboard will actually come through and make an impact. You’ll learn the 7 types of clutter (yes, 7!) and a new process to help you decide whether an object should stay on the slide or be deleted.


Week 4 Trains You On Information Design.

This is where you will learn how to design your slides like a pro. You’ll learn a ton of information design principles, which basically means that even your all-text slides will be effective and engaging. Yup, it is possible because this entire section is based on Gestalt Psychology! This is also when we really start to hone in on how to use animations in ways that enhance the material without confusing your audience.


Week 5 Is All About Visuals.

As if helping you find the perfect visuals (for free) wasn't enough, you’ll also learn how to use 8 different types of visuals. You already know that you should be using visuals, but I know you’re using them ineffectively. They’re small, distorted, facing the wrong way, in the wrong spot, or just … not a great visual to begin with. You’ll stop making all those mistakes with these lessons, and start using visuals in a way that will actually “wow” and resonate with your audience. You’ll also learn about how to use your own photos illustrations, gifs, and memes. And, in January 2019, you’ll gain access to the new workshop on how to create your own digital visuals and illustrations (e.g., icons, scientific models).


Week 6 Brings You Home with Data Visualization.

 You’ll round out your training with an entire module dedicated to data visualization for presentations. I will train you on my universal 4-step approach that you can apply to – literally – every single type of data you present. Then, I’ll show you examples with pie charts, horizontal bar graphs, clustered horizontal bar graphs, line graphs, frequency tables, and frequency bars (for Likert-type scales). Oh, and there’s a whole lesson on qualitative data ideas.


PLUS, the brilliant Ann K. Emery is currently working on a guest expert workshop to include in this section. IT'S GOING TO BE EPIC (not even a word I use a lot, but that's how cool this is going to be!).

You will also gain access to the Handouts That Rock advanced workshop. Because good slides make terrible handouts (you learn why in week 1). But don’t worry: I won’t leave you hanging. I show you my efficient process to creating a custom handout, including some ideas for layouts and different types of handouts you can create.


You can learn all that in just 6 weeks. Whaaaaat?!

BOSS is the shortcut to learning how to storyboard, design & deliver effective lectures, conference presentations, final project presentations, and more.

In total, BOSS is about 12 hours of lesson videos and about 3 hours of tech training videos (where I show you how to apply the lesson in PowerPoint). Each lesson comes with a note-taking handout and/or worksheet to help you apply the material. 

Handouts-Preview copy.png

If that sounds like a lot, then let me say again that most videos are only 8 minutes long! You WILL be able to fit this into your schedule, don’t sweat it! (sigh) if you're anything like me, you're probably sweating it big time, so here are the 3 reasons that I know you can make the time you need to finish the course.

1. BOSS Is a self-paced online course.

That means you choose to learn when it's your peak time and best for you to learn. You don't learn on MY schedule--you learn on YOURS.

It also means that if you get sick, have a bad day, or something comes up (like a new RFP!) then guess what: You can hit pause on BOSS and come back to it later.

Goodness, look. An online course is AWESOME, okay! It takes way less energy to get ready to learn compared to an in-person workshop or training. You don't need to worry about brushing your hair, putting on makeup, or even wearing pants.


That's right: " #DeathToPowerpoint + #DeathToPants = BOSS " - Kathleen, #StellarSlidesin5 participant.

All you have to do is grab your laptop and hit "play" and BAM! you're learning in 5-20 minute chunks. You CAN fit this in no matter how busy you are.

Most videos are only 8 minutes long, with a range of 1-20 minutes. I know you can find 8 minutes here and there for BOSS, so I know you can fit this in your schedule.

2. You have access for the lifetime of the course with no additional monthly fees.

Once your tuition is paid in full, you're in for as long as the course is active.

That means you don't only have 6 weeks to take the course. You are in control: You can take longer than 6 weeks if you want to.

It also means you're going to be able to do things like ... go back and watch videos for a refresher!

...have you ever taken a great workshop, like a conference or one of those ICPSR bootcamps? How much do you remember a year later? What happens when you forget the information?

Well, with BOSS, all you have to do is log into the course and watch the refresher video. Easy Peasy.

…and not just the material that’s available right now. You will have instant, FREE, access to any and all updates added in the future.

For example: that advanced workshop on illustrations coming in January 2019? That guest workshop by Ann K. Emery? Those are brand new ideas and current BOSS students are getting them added at no cost!

3. You have the option to get extra accountability help. 

BOSS has 3 packages for you to choose from, and two of them come with lots of accountability help: The Praxis Package and the Mentoring Package. With both options, you get:

  • 3 live group training/mentoring calls (with activities to help you practice what you're learning).

  • 6 live co-working sessions in the online community.

  • A private online community, so you can find your own accountability friend.

  • Access to previous group call recordings.

  • Access to all future community events.

Okay, tbh, that's actually a LOT more than accountability help. I'm going to let you in on a little secret: If you take BOSS you'll probably become the best presenter among your peer network. That's how pervasive #DeathByPowerpoint is.


So, on the one hand that's awesome! On the other ... think about what happens then?

How do you continue to grow as an effective presenter?

That's where a peer network comes in. A peer network will help provide you with ongoing inspiration and ideas so you continue to grow as a compelling presenter. And a peer network of effective presenters is exactly what you get when you enroll in the Praxis or Mentoring package.

Let me talk a little bit more about the package options you have....

Mentoring Package:

  • EVERYTHING included below (Praxis + Independent Study), plus

  • 1 private training/mentoring call with me (normally $150, so you save an extra $50 with this package)

Praxis Package: 

  • EVERYTHING included below (Independent Study), plus

  • A private community with cohort-based events (this cohort will hve 3 group video calls and 6 co-working sessions)

  • Access to previous recordings of group video calls

  • Access to the community events for all future cohorts

Independent Study: 

  • The entire self-paced, online BOSS curriculum: 12 hours of lessons + 3 hours of tech training -- spaced out across 6 weeks

  • The Create Your Visual Database Masterclass

  • The Create Custom Handouts That Rock Advanced Workshop

  • The Create Your Own Illustrations/Visuals Workshop (coming January 2019)

  • Resource Library

  • PowerPoint and Keynote 101 basic training videos

  • Free updates and access to new trainings for the lifetime of the course!

That's right: BOSS comes with long-term access and FREE UPDATES...and NO MONTHLY FEE! 

I can’t stress this enough, it’s one of the coolest features about this course. No monthly payment will be required to stay in the course. As long as I’m teaching this course online, you will have access to this material.

If you're still not sure, then I have one more thing to mention: I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't happy with the course, you have 14 days after you enroll to request a full refund. No questions asked, I won't make it hassle. Promise!


I hope you enroll and join us in this fight against #DeathByPowerpoint. 

Enrollment is currently closed (it’s only open a couple times each year). But join the BOSS list now so you’re the first to know when enrollment will open up again (and get access to special early bird pricing!)

See you in the course,