Storyboard, Design, and Deliver Compelling Presentations in 8 Weeks with Blast Off to Stellar Slides


Are you ready to invest in your professional development?

Are you ready to learn how to communicate more effectively when you happen to be using slides?


The please allow me to introduce…Blast Off to Stellar Slides!


Blast off to Stellar Slides! is an online course for…

(1) academics, researchers, scientists, evaluators, and similar professionals. (It’s not ideal for corporate folks).

(2) people who use slides (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, or LibreOffice Impressto inform or educate other adults. (It’s NOT for sales marketing).

👇 Sound like you? Then KEEP READING:👇


This is not a "slide design for marketing" course. This is for EDUCATORS (academics, evaluators, scientists, etc).

BOSS is an online professional development program that will show you how to design effective:

☑️ Course lectures & guest lectures

☑️ Conference presentations

☑️ Job talks, keynotes, and other high stakes presentations

☑️ Lab or research team presentations

☑️ Community outreach presentations

☑️ Workshops or other group trainings (webinars and in-person)

☑️ Presentations to policymakers and decision makers (including evaluation clients).

☑️ And more!


BOSS is NOT just about making “pretty slides.”

BOSS is NOT just a “PowerPoint tips & tricks” course.

BOSS is about ending #DeathByPowerpoint and FINALLY communicating effectively when you use slides.


Interested in learning more about BOSS?