For women are early career researchers and evaluators

Hi! I’m Dr. Echo Rivera, the owner & founder of Creative Research Communications LLC.

We are ready to help you create stellar slides, visual reports, and other creative products to help you communicate your work.


Hello! I’m here to help you communicate your research & educational info more effectively and creatively!

We will help you find that perfect blend of professional, data-based + visual, creative communication.

I know it’s possible because I’ve done it, and I’ve helped others — who are just like you — do it, too. My passion is to help you become a more engaging, creative, and effective communicator. If you want too, then I will train you, work with you, or create products for you to help you achieve your goal.

Our titles may vary — academic, scientist, evaluator, non-profit volunteer coordinator, professor, librarian, research analyst — but our goals are the same. We all need to share educational or technical information that will, hopefully, inform and change minds.

I'm here to leverage my research/evaluation background and PhD in Community Psychology to help you understand how to tell data-based stories that will resonate with and increase the likelihood that your intended audience will actually understand, remember, and use your information.

Whether you’re interested in delivering better presentations, disseminating visual reports, or want to expand into more creative forms of communication — we can help you. We provide online “do it yourself” courses, training & technical assistance sessions, and “done for you” design services. You don’t have to stop with peer-reviewed publications or settle with #DeathByPowerPoint presentations to communicate your work. There is a better way!


I’m not a typical graphic designer or marketing firm. I know exactly what you need and why you need it.

How? I have a PhD in Community Psychology (which is basically a research degree in community-based participatory research). I’ve been doing research or evaluation since 2006. I worked at a nonprofit research & evaluation center for 3 years (and now do independent evaluation consulting). I’ve taught an undergrad class. I’ve given a ton of conference presentations. I’ve written peer-reviewed pubs. I’ve led or supported 26 (and counting) research studies and evaluation projects. I’ve conducted sophisticated, quantitative analyses. I’ve conducted systematic, rigorous qualitative analyses. And, yes, I’ve also worked on mixed method projects (my personal fav, actually). I’ve given presentations to my research team and trained new research assistants. I’ve written and presented final evaluation results to policymakers and clients…in other words…I’ve done ALL THE THINGS!

You have important research, educational, or technical information you need to share. I have a PhD + I specialize in graphic design and communication, so I can help you do that.

I never really knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up.” Veterinarian, FBI profiler, Computer Programmer, Child Psychologist, Mystery Novelist, Graphic Designer…it was hard to decide because I had an interest in ALL THE THINGS. But two things held my interest across all those years: creative design and research. As a psychology major in undergrad with an intense fear of public speaking, I put a ton of effort into my presentations. I told stories, used visuals and animations, and worked extremely hard to be dynamic and engaging. My methods of overcompensating for my anxiety quickly turned into a skill. Students and professors were amazed by my presentations—in a good way. I also kept “one foot” in the design world by taking graphic design and designing websites for others, including my Psi Chi chapter.

In graduate school, my faculty mentors, undergrad students, and fellow grad students also noticed that my presentations weren’t #DeathByPowerPoint like everyone else. I also started a website where I drew comics about bicycling which ignited my passion for illustration. I was invited to speak about my creative use of visuals. Academics started asking me to create all kinds of things for them because they didn’t know any other academic who could illustrate comics, build websites, deliver compelling presentations, and design visual reports…even about research and academic topics. I finally founded Creative Research Communications LLC so I could train, support, and help others in this field do ALL THE THINGS, TOO.



Organizations we’ve worked with and/or trained!


Casa de Esperanza / National Latin@ Network

International Plant Nutrition Institute

John Snow, Inc - Health Communities

League of American Bicyclists - Equity Division

Michigan State University - Masters in Program Evaluation Dept

MSU Research Consortium on Gender-based Violence

National Center on Violence, Trauma, and Mental Health

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence


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